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MNG10717 Culture and Change Implementation Assignment Help

MNG10717 Culture and Change Implementation Editing Services

This assignment is all aboutthe development of understanding the theories, concepts worldview of culture. This can be achieved by increasing the focus on the student’s development based on the national, interpersonal and international culture. It also examines the role of culture during the change in the organization.

Assessment 1

Task 1

This assessment should contains 800 words with 15% weight

1. Word limit should not include the Reference list. Exceeding the word limit will be returned unmarked. Also, penalties for late submission could be charged.

2. You have to find the organization that is undergoing with a major change.

3You have to find three peer-reviewed journal articles that mainly discusses about the culture of the organization and its effect created on the change management or implementation.

Note– You can use the information from the selected journals

4. In each and every topic, you can refer each section as “applying learning to the assessment asks”.

5. Write the report with minimum 6 paragraphs, out of which Introduction and Conclusion should contain minimum 100 words each.

6. In the introduction part, includes

a. Name the organization and the location

b. Briefly identify the change undertaken (eg technological change, new services, restructure) and the reasons for the change

c. What change issueyou are examining (for example, resistance to change, the role of change champions etc) as your focus

d. Include an argument such as “This paper argues that the factors most affecting change outcomes in organisation x are ….”

Marking criteria

1.Up to 9 marks will be given to the content including case description and discussion/analysis of issues based on the articles

2.Up to 6 marks will be given to the Communication part including your argument building and clear, concise and objective happenings.

Assessment 2

This assessment should contain 2500 words with 45% weight

Task 1

According to the organization used in the Assessment 1, imagine that you are a consultant hired for managing the change. Here, you have to discuss appropriate theories and set potential strategies for assisting selected organization to achieve the change in outcomes. Your responses should include Table of contents,Executive summary on its own page (200-250 words),Introduction,and Body of the report, client recommendations, clear explanation of theories and strategies and references (text and end-text).

Manage the change

Questions/ Answers helpful for students

Q1. What is the focus of this assignment?

A. This assignment is mainly focused on the application of strategies and theories that will help in reducing the protection of the employees by increasing the new learning of the employees and the organization as a whole and for achieving the suuceeful implementation of the change.

Q2. How might students approach this?

A. To approach this, students can follow under mentioned steps:

Step 1 - Students can understand the change of the organization and the issues they are facing with the change. They can collect all the facts from different available sources like personal experience, general media and interview.

Step 2- Students can identify potential strategies and theories for assisting the selected organizations and helping them to achieve change in outcomes.

Step 3 - Students can find 10 relevant journal articlesby using relevant facilities of database search, checking recent articles cited or created by the experts and use peer-reviewed academic journals.

Step 4 - For writing the report, students cans start with doing outline, arrange thoughts and make a draft.

Q3. How students will write an executive summary?

A. An executive summary must summarise about your report content, as it will tell the CEO of the organization that what exactly they need to know about their report in brief. While writing the summary, never use, “the report will set out recommendations”. Always say “the report makes the following 3 key recommendations:”

Q4. How to write an introduction?

A. The best way to write an introduction is to briefly set out the purpose and the background of the report. Then, set out what you wanted to discuss and how will you approach this materials. Follow the under mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Name the organization and the country in 1 sentence.

Step 2 – Briefly identify the undertaken change by the organization

Step 3 – Identify the main theoretical framework used.

Step4 – Mention what you will go to examine and the strategies that helps in addressing the problem.

Step 5 - Include an argument like stage of change, problems and strategies.

Q5. How to describe the situation into the body?

A. In this stage, you can briefly set out certain facts like the description of organization’s change, encountered problems and the strategies. Mention the specific information by adding some value in an analytical graph format.

Q6. How to use theories in the assignment?

A. It is important for the students to contextualize their study within the main change theories like Lewin, Kotter,etc

1. Lewin Theory (1951) – Keep the focus on unfreezing, moving (social identity) and refreezing.

2. Kotter’s Model (1996) – Keep the focus on unfreezingby justifying the need for change, create pockets for positive coalitions and determining new visions;  moving by activating far reaching actions, finding short term wins and consolidating change; refreezing by embedding changes into culture.

3. Marrying Lewin (1951) and Ulrich Model (1998) – Keep focus on unfreezing by leading change, shaping vision and justify need for change; movingby monitoring progress, modifying processes and structures, seeking commitment for support and change; refreezing by making the changes fixed.

Students can integrate some strategies by managing social identity theory and social learning within a broader change theory. This is due to the conclusion in the report format. You can include a summary of major points of strategies in 3-4 sentences.

Challenges students might face

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