MNG03218 Managing Information Systems Proof Reading Services

MNG03218 Managing Information Systems

MNG03218 Managing Information Systems Proof Reading Services

Assessment 2

Research proposal

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to improve a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a system approach.

The weight of this assessment is 35% and the word limit is 3500 words.

Format for Assignment 2

The format of the formal assignment will be:

1. Covering letter to sponsor

2.  Title page

3. Table of contents

4.  Executive summary (1 page)

5. Introduction

6.  Body of your assignment with suitable headings and subheadings

7. Conclusions

8.  Reference list (Harvard referencing style is required)

9. Appendices (including a background of the organization for your unit assessor!).

MC 1: Content – clear understanding of issues (28 Marks)

1. Description of organizational context (good brief description of the chosen organization (e.g., industry, visions, missions, business processes)) (2 marks)

2. Discussion of its internal and external operating environments (4 marks)

3. Clearly identify the problem/opportunity for IS/IT.  (2 marks)

4. Clearly justify your choice of the proposed system (including cost/benefit analysis plus at least one other feasibility studies); Clearly explain how the information system that you are proposing will support the strategic goals of the organization. ( 4 marks)

5. Present system analysis and system design for the intended system (a managerial viewpoint is sufficient) (4 marks)

6. Explain how the system will be developed, tested and implemented. (6 marks)

7. Discuss post-implementation activities. (3 marks)

8. Discuss project management, risk management and change management associated with the implementation. (3 marks)

MC 2: Quality (2 Marks)

1. Quality of content (use of study materials; use of proper terminology; depth; originality) (2 marks)

MC 3: Use of multiple sources of information and referencing (3 Marks)

1. Good research effort evidenced by using references from a variety of sources; Good integration of references into your discussion; the Proper practice of in-text citation and provision of all the cited references in the reference list via applying Harvard Referencing Style. (3 marks)

MC 4: Communication and Presentation (2 Marks)

1. Good structure of the report; professionally formatted and presented; Being able to clearly express ideas; Clarity of communication with good flow, reasoning and argument; Concise but not oversimplifying; Spelling and grammar. (2 marks)

Challenges face by students

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