MN621 Advanced Network Design Proof Reading Services

MN621 Advanced Network Design

MN621 Advanced Network Design Proof Reading Services

With this subject, students will be able to plan, design, configure, test and troubleshoot both LAN and WAN.

They will also gain skills and knowledge through switching, routing concepts and practical knowledge of the use and configuration of network parts like switches and routers.

Assessment 2

Assessment Type- Individual written report and group demonstration

Assessment Title- Human Factors in network analysis and design


The total value of this assessment is 15% and it contains 45 marks.

Word Limit

The word limit for this assessment is 1000-1500 words.


This assessment is designed to evaluate students’ knowledge and understanding related to following learning outcomes:

a. Implement concepts and theories of human factors as associated with network design and execution.
b. Assess performance metrics and dimensions according to specifications.


To design a network, the first step is to gather network requirements. The network requirements are collected from users and business requirements. The user is one of the significant factors of a successful network design. You need to design a network for a hospital.

Part 1

Develop a questionnaire to collect requirements from users, hospital management, and staff. What kinds of questions would you ask to better understand their environment and each group of human users?

Questions must be aimed at recognizing what applications, the users intended to use.

Categorize applications identified by users and device an plan of the applications for network performance.

Part 2

Consider a network project where you cannot talk to users or staff. What resources can you use to collect data, device, application, and network requirements? Concisely outline a method for collecting and deriving requirements in the absence of user/staff involvement.

Part 3

Design a network as shown in the figure, and give a performance test for each set of the application as shown in following table 1 to validate it. For the network design in the figure, the application sets 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the table, are located in LAN A, B, C and D one-to-one.  

Marking Criteria

1. Questionnaire is prepared (10 marks)
2. Purpose of each Question (10 marks)
3. Validation and verification plan (4 marks)
4. Network design with applications and their protocols is explained (4 marks)
5. Reliability in network design (4 marks)
6. Demonstration (10 marks)
7. Reference style (IEEE) (3 marks)

Problems student may face while completing this assessment

Students may face several problems while completing this Advance Network Design Assessment 2 such as making appropriate reference list, lack of academic writing skills, insufficient time etc. Such students can take help and guidance from our experienced technical experts for their Network Design Assessments.