MN610 Virtual Private Networks Paper Editing Services

MN610 Virtual Private Networks Assignment Guide

MN610 Virtual Private Networks Paper Editing Services

Students will find important information and guidance regarding their virtual private networks assessment.

This assignment evaluates students’ ability to appreciate benefits of adopting VPN as a security solution for corporate networks. Students should be able to show their achievements in the following learning outcomes:

1. Analyse and discuss the significance of VPN for contemporary organizations

2. Explain the role of VPN to support the security of businesses and corporations.

The weight of this assessment is 15% of overall unit assessment marks. Students need to complete this assessment in 2500 words.  

VPN Technologies for Corporate Networks

Following figure shows, you have to give a scenario for any organization that has a head office and 2 branch offices. All 3 sites are connected to the internet through a high-speed internet connection. There is a number of resources at head office that needs access to the 2 branch offices.

VPN in a corporate network

                                      VPN in a corporate network.

Purpose and justify a VPN implementation plan to connect the 2 branch offices to the head office. The implementation plan should ensure that local area networks at the 2 branch offices are available to the head office.

Your report should address the following -

Part 1

1. A table showing all the interfaces at every site [hint: Internal IP interface and external IP interface] (5 marks)

Part 2

Explain in details the description of proposed VPN type, including

1. What type of VPN is chosen to implement? And why you have chosen this type of VPN? (5marks)

2. What functionalities will VPN provide to the network in Figure 1? (5 marks)

3. What are the security features it can provide to protect data? (5 marks)

4. What type of organization should use it? (5 marks)

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages brought by the VPN to corporate networks? (5marks)

Challenges face by students

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