MN603 Wireless Network & Security Editing Services

MN603 Wireless Network & Security Assignment Brief

MN603 Wireless Network & Security Editing Services

Report Writing based on Research of a suitable Wireless Network Testing tool for one of the following Scenarios. 

Your lecturer will allocate one of the scenarios for you. Use MN603 Wireless Network Security Assignment Brief allocated scenario and identify a tool suitable for the selected scenario by doing a minor research online specific for that scenario. Confirm with your Lecturer that no other peer student has already selected that tool. Note: There may be multiple tools suitable for the scenarios below; you should use the most suitable tool for the selected scenario. However, in case of a large class size the same scenario may be selected by other students but they must use a tool different from other students for the scenario. Prepare a technical report according to the specification below. You report should include the following:
Test the tool and project management(such as WLAN discovery, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, etc) to secure and/or manage WLAN in an enterprise setting. your report should:
a.   categorize the tool (WLAN Analysis OR Exploitation OR Stress Testing tools) and the technique (WLAN discovery, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, etc)
b.    include screenshots (as an evidence that you actually implemented the technique) and detailed explanation in the report about the working mechanism (the step by step process ) of the identified technique.
c.    explain the use (evaluation) of this techniques to secure and/or manage WLAN.
Submit a two (2) minute video along with audio to demonstrate your implementation (the Lecturer must be able to recognize you in the video). Your video file format must be compatible with video playing software available in MIT labs. Failure to submit the video (using Moodle submission link) will result a failing grade.

WLAN Scenarios

Scenario 1:

You are to create a small Wireless LAN for your office in a building in which there are several other offices that may have WLANs. Your mission is to identify a tool to avoid co- channel and overlapping interference by WLAN discovery to locate any neighboring wireless networks and if they may impact your own WLAN.

Scenario 2:

You are hired as a consultant to place a WiFi network for which you need to carry out wifi scanning, to notify you of all the nearest and closest Access points AP’Ss, as well as identify if the networks are 802.11/a, 802.11/b, 802.11/g. Also, its main features should include AP information (SSID, MAC Address) and signal quality chart.

Scenario 3:

You are travelling on a business trip and are staying in a hotel. But the hotel allows you only one WiFi connection. As a result you need to create a hotspot on your laptop in order to let the rest of your devices connect to the hotel’s WLAN. You need to use a software tool that has features that need to be set up in order to have a hotspot such as the, name of the spot, password of the connection etc.

Scenario 4:

As a WiFi consultant you have to set up a WLAN for an enterprise that requires you to use a tool that can do the following tasks such as discovering Wi-Fi networks, Troubleshooting the connectivity issues of WiFi, Verifying Wi-Fi coverage, Managing a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection and Detecting rogue APs.

Scenario 5:

You are a Road warrior (salesman) frequently travelling around the world. You need a free sniffing tool which helps you to locate available wireless hot spots anywhere in the world and it should provide a technique of automatically connecting to available wireless hotspots wherever you travel. It may also offer a feature to locate your friends wherever they are and chat with online friends.

Scenario 6:

As a security analyst you need to have a Linux based tool for use in testing and discovering flaws in one’s own network with the aim of fixing the flaws detected.

Scenario 7:

As a security analyst you need to have tool that gives detailed information about the surrounding WiFi networks such as SSID, the kind of network security used etc but it should also be able to provide information on surrounding WPANs such as Bluetooth. It should also be used on Mac OS.

Scenario 8:

You need to have a tool that will provide detailed information about networks and its security measures to make sure that the network will be kept secure. It should also give you give information about the signal to noise ratio which is important to process and get access to the network. It should also help you to find out your WiFi extent range.

Scenario 9:

You are installing a WiFi network for which you need a network discovery tool that gathers information about nearby wireless access points in real time. It should also have features such as: Generates reports in Adobe PDF format that include the list of access points and their properties, Powerful and innovative logging and recording capability. reviewing recorded data a snap. Support for multiple installed wireless adapters installed- option to select the adapter that you need.