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MN601 Network Project Management Assignment Help

MN601 Network Project Management Proof Reading Services

This unit gives students the knowledge to efficiently manage various networking projects. It covers professional practice related to networking projects. This unit employs case studies and monitors projects from beginning through to accomplishment. It discusses the key areas recognized by the project management body of knowledge. Students will learn about how project specifications and management varies in the context of current enterprise case studies.

Assignment 1 (Individual Case Study Assignment)

This is an individual assignment.



Word Limit:800-1000

The objective of the Assignment

This assignment is aimed to build an understanding of project management basics and their application, particularly:

a. Show the leadership skills of the project, identify and analyze risk in designing, executing a major project
b. Analytically reflect on current project management research, ethics, theory, and practice.

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Purpose of the Assessment:

In this task, you need to assess a project case and prepare a report of 800-1000 words on project management and ethical issues.

To complete this task, you will be given a case study of a newly appointed project manager. Based on the provided case study, you are required to complete this task:

1. PM Leadership

Discuss, how well are leadership skills demonstrated by Jim & Bob? Justify your answer in relation to the incidents in the case study. (5 marks)

2. PM Execution

Elaborate on how well is the execution of the project going. What could be the alternatives to the current processes being followed? (5 marks)

3. PM Risk Analysis

Which risk(s) should the project plan have identified, and what could be their risk mitigation plan(s)? (5 marks)

4. Ethics Assessment

Document facts about the ethical dilemma(s) arising in this case, and explore questions such as:

a. Does it abide by the law?
b. Does it align with the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct? (5 marks)

5. Ethics Alternatives

Consider the choices available to the concerned parties by documenting the following questions:

a. What are the possible alternative choices?
b. What are the pros and cons of each possible choice? (5 marks)

6. Ethics Analysis

Identify the candidate decision and test its validity using the factors suggested by PMI Ethical Decision-Making Framework. (5 marks)

7. Ethics Application

Apply ethical principles to your candidate decision by asking questions such as:

a. Would the choice result in the greatest good?
b. Would the choice be fair and beneficial to all concerned? (5 marks)

8. Ethics Action

Make a decision after considering relevant questions, and justify your choice. (5 marks)

9. References

List references and give in-text referencing using IEEE style. (5 marks)

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