MN504 Networked Application Management Editing Services

MN504 Networked Application Management

MN504 Networked Application Management Editing Services

This assessment is planned to develop a deeper analytical understanding of different distributed network conditions.

The weight of this assignment is 20% and it contains 80 marks. The word limit for this assignment is 2000.

After completion of this assignment students should be able to:

1. Compare   suitable   industry   tools   and   techniques   to   be able to networked applications;

2. Analyse deployment and performance problems for networked applications;


The purpose of the assignment is to improve an analytical understanding of management or performance of different types of networked applications. This assignment will give the opportunity to recognize management and network performance issues of networked applications using the art tools.

The report has following 4 parts:

Part 1

The 1st part of the report about the general statistics of both captures using Wireshark that include:

1. IP Addresses of the server and client

2. Time of capture

3. Total number of captured packets

4. Description of the capturing device

Part 2

This part report must be include packet capture screenshots of different statistics from Wireshark and complete analyses.  

Students need to analyze the network performance for the given website considering following aspects:

1. Round trip time

2. Load distribution

3. Errors and warnings

4. Throughput

5. TCP retransmissions

Part 3

The graphs and statistics showing different performance aspects of web page transfer and live streaming (provided in part  2) need to be compared with each other.

Part 4

Students need to download, install, use and compare another free network performance management tool from the Internet on their home computer. One possible  option Microsoft  Message  Analyzer  from as/download/details.aspx?id=44226.

1. Ease of access and use: how easy it is to download, install and start using (any changes to be made to the system etc.) as compared to Wireshark

2. GUI: Compare at least four GUI features of the chosen tool with Wireshark

3. Visualization of traffic: After capturing packets by the chosen tool the effectiveness of the visualization of the network traffic should be compared with Wireshark.

4. Statistics generation: At least two types of statistics like throughput, RTT etc. needs to be generated by the chosen tool and are to be compared with statistics generation ability of Wireshark.

5. Details of HTTP: The details of HTTP traffic provided by the chosen tool should be compared with Wireshark.

Marking criteria

1. Introduction (5 marks)

2. General statistics (8 marks)

3. Network performance (20 marks)

4. Comparison 1 (20 marks)

5. Comparison 2 (20 marks)

6. Conclusion (5 marks)

7. Reference style (2 marks)

Challenges students may face

Students face off various problems in completing this assessment such as understanding the complex problems of making references, lack of writing skills, making report etc. Students can take help and guidance from our technical experts and get better grades in their assessments.