MN502 Network Security Proofreading and Paper Editing Services

MN502 Network Security Assignment Help

MN502 Network Security Proofreading and Paper Editing Services

This subject provides students a complete knowledge of the Network Security field, security risks and countermeasures related to network connectivity.

Students will gain knowledge to understand, implement and manage network security.

Assessment 2 (Security Challenges in Emerging Network)

This is an individual assignment.

Value:The total value of this assessment is 20%. And the word limit of this assessment is 1500-2000 words.

Objective of the Assessment

The objective of this assessment is to develop knowledge and skills to independently think of innovation. Students will learn how to enhance their knowledge on the current phase of the art of a developing knowledge domain in this assessment. Then students will examine analytically 3 present problems in this field and its countermeasures.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a developing area in computer networking, where the networking functionalities are decoupled from the actual hardware.

Learning Outcomes

a. Evaluate the key methodologies for secure networks and what threats they address.
b. Recognize and report network threats, select and implement suitable countermeasures for network security.

This assessment has three parts. Those are:

1. Literature review on security aspects in Software Defined Networking (SDN):

Your review should be supported by at least three (3) academic (Journal/Conference) papers chosen from the current state of the art.

Your discussion should include:

i. Introduction to SDN (mentioning its layers: data forwarding layer, control layer, and application layer)
ii. Characteristics of SDN compared to traditional network
iii. A comparison of advantages and disadvantages of SDN over traditional networks regarding security issues.

2. Analyze critically, three current or future security issues in SDN and its countermeasures. In this section, you will

i. Explain and analyze critically three security issues in SDN.
ii. Explain the countermeasures/mitigation techniques and tools used for each one of the security issues mentioned in section i.

3. Create a 3 - 5 minutes presentation and present your work during the Lab.

Marking Criteria

1. Introduction (5 marks)
2. Literature Review (12 marks)
3. Security Threats (9 marks)
4. Threat Mitigation Techniques and Tools (9 marks)
5. Report Layout (2 marks)
6. Reference Style (IEEE) (4 marks)
7. Presentation Slides (4 marks)
8. Oral Presentation (5 marks)

Challenges students may face in completing this assessment

Students may face several challenges while completing this assessment such as analyzing security issues in SDN, making references, lack of time etc. Such students can take our Technical experts’ help and guidance for their assessments and can achieve higher grades in their academics.

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