MKTG229 Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Project

MKTG229 Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Project

MKTG229 Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Project

This MKTG229 digital marketing strategy and implementation project will operate throughout the remainder of term and will culminate with a written report due in Week 13 and followed by an in-class presentation.

Your task:

  • Create a Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan. This process starts with understanding your market and your products’ relationship to that market.
  • For the purpose of this assignment you and your group members represent the owners of the new e-business
  • Ensure that your strategy and implementation plans considers SEO, mobile marketing, content marketing and social media – strategies and tactics
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of digital marketing project management

Follow the guidelines below to create your Digital Strategy and Implementation Plan:

  1. Know company and know your market
  2. Set the marketing objectives
  3. Generate strategies and tactics for achieving objectives
  4. Evaluate Strategies
  5. Implement with specifics related to the tools you choose
  6. Track, Analyze, Optimize and Control

This is a group assignment and you and your group mates are responsible for leading, coordinating, arranging for & managing meetings, providing feedback &direction and motivation. Everyone must put in equal effort in completing the assignment. Individual - group evaluations are part of the process.The report must read as one coherent document and must have the appearance of a single marketing plan report.

Write in standard report format using APA to reference any supporting material. See notes below in italic. You will likely want to follow this for the external macro environmental section of the report.

This assignment is designed to examine:

  • your understanding of the concepts taught
  • your application of key concepts
  • your marketing creativity
  • your ability to present your ideas in a interesting and coherent fashion

Product Choices for the Canadian Market (Online/e-Commerce/App)

  1. Specialty Baby Accessories
  2. Specialty products for Dogs
  3. Art/Photography products for Home or Office applications
  4. Specialty Electronic Products or Accessories
  5. An Opinion Blog for Twenty- Something’s  - Gaming or Dating
  6. Products and tips for High Performance Training – Marathon or Ironman
  7. Local and Seasonal foods – where to find and how to cook  - Blog
  8. Craft and Jewelry – women
  9. Clothing for Children 3-10
  10. Bicycle parts and Support

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