MGT501 Management Theory and Practice Paper Editing Services

MGT501 Management Theory and Practice

MGT501 Management Theory and Practice Paper Editing Services

This subject enhances the knowledge and understanding of students of a variety of management and organizational theories.

Along with the analytical skills needed to implement these theories and practices in an organization.

This assessment has total three tasks. Those are:





Class Participation



Strategic Management






Ethics Leadership & Decision Making


Assessment 1

Your contribution to learning and that of others is evaluated in this unit. You should contribute to the class discussion of problems regarding marketing every week. Points will be provided according to the quantity and quality of comments and questions and for supporting colleague students. Of most value are insightful questions, insightful answers, and references to interesting websites, industry and media reports, that offer resources or contributes to discussions and useful suggestion for a deal with problems.

Assessment 2A


By using an organization that has been in the news in last two years and apply and analytically evaluate how each of the following theoretical concepts impacts strategic management practices in that organization. Give recommendations that would develop strategic management in your selected organization.

a. Industry attractiveness
b. Competitive advantage
c. Resource-based view (resource, capabilities and core competencies)

Assessment 2B

The word length for this task is 1500 words.

CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility is an obligation of an organization to act in ways that serve both its own interests and the interests of stakeholders, representing society at large. Sustainability is an important social responsibility objective.

Talk about this statement using an organization to demonstrate CSR practices. To do this, you should explain, execute and analytically assess the applicability of applying theoretical concepts in manipulating sustainability practices in your selected organization. Consider multiple perspectives: stakeholders will have different and sometimes incompatible interests.

Assessment 3


To complete this task, you need to write an essay of 3000 words in which you:

a. Using an organization that is or has been in the news for last two years (work-related learning) and recognize an ethical concept from managerial ethics to analyze this dilemma critically.
b. Implement minimum two theoretical concepts from managerial ethics to analyze this dilemma critically.
c. Go on to examine and critically evaluate how these theoretical concepts impact managerial practices in the selected organization.
d. In conclusion, reflect analytically on how leaders may ensure organizational decisions are made ethically.
e. Academic and professional communication skills: you must follow an essay structure that has minimum have an introduction, the main body that outlines the argument, examine the material you have researched and evaluates this according to the guidelines above and a conclusion. You must do citations and a reference list that follows the APA 6 guidelines. 

Issues that students can face in completing this assessment

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