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MGT501 Contemporary Management Proof Reading and Editing Services

Subject Overview

This subject enhances students’ knowledge of contemporary management theory and practice. Students will be challenged to think analytically about core management theories and assess and communicate their relevance to contemporary management practice in a complex, miscellaneous and rapidly changing globalized workplace. Students will be invited to embrace the subject innovatively and encouraged to develop and reflect on their management competencies and experiences.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this subject, you should be able to:

1. Critically examine and evaluate a variety of management and organizational theories and practices in the context of the contemporary business environment,
2. Reflect on and improve their own management competencies required for today’s complex, various and globalized workplace,
3. Reflect analytically on management issues such as ethics, innovation & digital disruption, sustainability and how they are shaping 21st-century organizations, and
4. Research and communicate effectively and professionally in a variety of organizational setting.

Pass Requirements

You must achieve a total mark of minimum 50% in order to pass this subject.

Assessment Tasks





Business Presentation on Social Sustainability



Case Analysis Business Report



Elevator Pitches & Case Discussions



Assessment Task 1

Word limit:word limit for this task is 900 words +/- 10%


You’re asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of no more than eight slides to the Board of your company to assess the current state of play on the issues raised in the following case.

Imagine that you’re a senior operation manager in a clothing manufacturing and retail company based in a developed country. Your role has responsibility for international contracts for the manufacturer of the clothing that your company sells into the home and other developed countries. The Board is well aware of the sensitivity of social sustainability in developing countries and the contribution of that big companies from developed countries make. It is less aware of the present situation in regard to regulation and practice.

You have to develop a presentation on the current situation in social sustainability regulation and practice relating to companies from developed countries that outsource manufacturing to factories In developing countries.

Case study: Third-world families at work: Child labor or child care?

This assessment draws on Topics 1 to 5 of the subject. The eight slides of your presentation are made up as follows:

a title slide,

a. up to four slides for your argument,
b. two slides in which you evaluate the sources that you located independently of the topic content, using the CRAP test (covered in topic1), and
c. a final slide that has a list of references to support your argument.

You are required to support your argument with minimum five academic and professional sources of information. See the information on the presentation below for further instructions on how to prepare your slides.

You must provide clear advice on the present state of play based on evidence and critical thought about the issues raised in the case. Without restricting your independent thought about what to cover, your slides might contain discussion on the evidence of related regulation, codes of practice and studies of corporate practice, and points of critique. Be informative and persuasive. Presentation to a business audience is an important element of this assessment, so please use suitable written expression and formatting.

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Assessment Task 2

Word limit:word limit for this task is 2500 words +/- 10%


In the contemporary management environment, acquisitions and mergers are hot topics, especially as acquisitions and mergers are among the most commonly used strategies for development. The drawbacks of mergers are well known and well-studied in the management literature.

Yet, there are some basic challenges that organizations keep uncertain over. Integration is one of them. Preoccupation with the diligence and political elements surrounding merger negotiations too often leaves a critical part in the merger puzzle left till it is too late – integration of cultures and structures and people. It is well known today that poor results from mergers can so often be put down to people issues.

In this key assessment task, you’re asked to evaluate the below-mentioned case and answer the questions below using a business report format. More detail of business report is provided below:

Case study: Who goes, Who stays?


Using the knowledge that you’ve obtained from the subject up to, and containing, Managing people, answer the following questions:

1. What conflicting values are at stake in the case? Identify and explain, using relevant management theory and concepts. Contextualize your answer with reference to literature on integration problems in mergers and acquisitions, with specific reference to people issues. (up to 400 words)
2. Critique the process that is being applied to work out the details of the integration, particularly with regard to structure and top management staffing using relevant management theory and concepts. Ground your answer in evidence regarding people and culture issues in merger integration studies. (up to 700 words)
3. How would you recommend the conflicting values be resolved? (up to 500 words)
4. What process would you recommend that the two senior executives and their HR people follow to work out the details of integration in regard to the top structure? (up to 500 words)
5. Evaluate the usefulness of the management and organizational theories and practices from the subject that you have applied in analyzing the case (up to 400 words)

Assessment Task 3

Word limit:total word limit for this assessment is 1450 words +/- 10%.


This task is mainly about ‘doing’ management work through structured online conversations. Your conversation for this task includes critical thought about the knowledge obtained in the subject and its practical application to solving real problems.

These management problems are posed inside the subject topics, in two forms (elevator pitches and case discussion activities) relating to mini case studies.

There are total two parts of this task:

A. Complete two(2) elevator pitch responses and two(2) case discussion activity responses, as follows:

two(2) elevator pitch responses from Topic 6 to 8 (5 marks each, total 10 marks)
two(2) case discussion activity responses from topic 7 to 11 (10 marks each, total 20 marks).

B. Submit a complete package of your work through Turnitin and EASTS by the due date.

You should follow these guidelines for completing this assessment task.

Elevator pitch responses (5 marks each, total 10 marks)

Each elevator pitch must be completed in 130 words +/- 10%.

Elevator pitch responses consist of critical thinking on the question and applicable professional communication taking into account the context of the elevator pitch scenario.

Note:references are not required and should not be provided.

Case discussion activities (10 marks each, total 20 marks)

Every case discussion activity has particular questions for you to address. Your response to the case discussion activity must be more substantial than the elevator pitch, show that you can implement knowledge from the topic in a critical way. There is not generally one correct answer to the case discussion activities thus, the scope for critical thought. The maximum word limit for each case discussion is 500 words +/- 10%.

References are required: citations within the body of the text, and a reference list. Minimum two academic or professional references must be contained within.  

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