MGT202 Organizational Behavior Academic Editing Services

MGT202 Organizational Behavior Assignment

MGT202 Organizational Behavior Academic Editing Services

Assignment 1

You need to write an essay that analyzes a case study of any organization. You are expected to incorporate the topics are personality, attitude, emotions, and motivations.

Value - The value of this assessment is 20%

Word limit – 2500 words

Section-A overview ( 10 marks)

a. Background

b. Objectives

c. Case issues

d. Case justification

e. Summary

Section-B literature review (20 marks)

a. literature based on best Organizational behavior practices perceived to be applicable to the case study organization.

b. Review the OB model where available

c. Summary

Section-C Analyses and development (30marks)

a. The basis for the design an OB plan for the case organization

b. Identify requirements and challenges in the OB strategy

c. Summary Section-4 Final recommendations and conclusion (30 marks)

Section-D Final recommendations and conclusion (30 marks)

a. Review and revise the OB strategy plan to reflect the literature/theory

b. Conclusion

c. References (10 marks)

Assignment 2 (30%)

W1/Chapter 1 – What is OB?

1. What is ‘organisational behavior’ and what does the field study?

W1/Chapter 2 - Diversity

2. What are the components required for an effective, comprehensive workforce program that encourages diversity?

W2/Chapter 3 – Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

3. Discuss the three components of an attitude.

4. What are the major causes of job satisfaction?

W3/Chapter 4 – Personality and Values

5. Identify the five key traits in the Big Five personality model.

W4/Chapter 5 – Emotions and Moods

6. Explain the differences among the following terms: affect, emotions, and moods.

W5/Chapter 6 – Perception and Individual Differences

7. Define the concept of perception and why it is important in the study of OB.

W6/Chapter 7 – Motivation

8. Discuss goal-setting theory and its implications for managers. (Hint: Read Edwin Locke)

W7/Chapter 8 – Group Behaviour

9. Differentiate between formal and informal groups.

W8/Chapter 11 – Leadership

10. What is the difference between leadership and management?

W9/Chapter 12 – Power and Politics

11. How is ‘power’ defined?

W10/Chapter 14 – Organisational Structure

12. What is organizational structure?

W11/Chapter 15 – Organisational Culture

13. Distinguish ‘dominant culture’ from a ‘subculture’.

W12/Chapter 16 – Organisational Change and Stress Management

14. List the six specific forces for change.

15. What are some of the potential environmental sources of stress?

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