MGMT400 Operation methods in value chain management Editing services

MGMT400 Operation methods value chain management Assignment

MGMT400 Operation methods in value chain management Editing services

This MGMT400 Operation methods value chain management Assignment is assessment of business cource, this is a group Assignment.

MGMT400 Assignment

  • Consider the following processes that you frequently encounter as a college student:
  1. Enrolling in classes.
  2. Taking a class.
  3. Buying a ticket for a play, concert, or basketball game.

Describe each process and its inputs, activities, and outputs. What is being converted or transformed in each process? Who are the customers, suppliers, and stakeholders for each process?

  • You are an operations manager of a pharmaceutical firm. Identify 2 stakeholders who are not your customers or suppliers, and explain why it is important to consider each stakeholder’s interests.
  • Why should the firm never outsource its core capabilities? What happens if the firm is approached by a supplier who is willing to supply goods and services based on these core capabilities at a significantly lower price? What should the firm do?
  • Suppose that you are the owner of a pizzeria that is located near a university or college. How could you use the concepts of order winners, order qualifiers, and order losers to help develop and implement an attractive business plan?
  • Find an example of a company that makes quality its competitive priority. Find another company that makes flexibility its competitive priority. Compare these strategies.
  • Fit is critical to the development and maintenance of a successful operations strategy. Suppose that we are faced with a firm in which there is a lack of fit between the outcomes desired by the critical customer, the value proposition, and the firm’s capabilities. What options are available to the firm in the short term when dealing with this lack of fit? What is the impact of the lack of fit? What are the implications of the firm trying to improve  the fit?