Memo Requesting Business Report Editing and Proof Reading Services

Memo Requesting Business Report Assignment

Memo Requesting Business Report Editing and Proof Reading Services


Please fill out the information below and submit as attachment in Word doc.  to your Chapter 9 assignment. You must receive approval of this business trend before you submit any other Business Report assignment. If you missed the deadline for this assignment you still need approval but will still receive a 0 on it. If you submitted this assignment on time and the trend was not approved you must resubmit it with another trend and receive approval.

Part 1:

With the advancement of technology,every piece of machine that we use is getting safe and sophisticated. Autonomous vehicle is one such innovation which, when successfully executed, is expected to transform the numerous issues which plague the automobile industry such as safety, vehicle efficiency, emissions, drive times, etc.The current driver operated vehicles are highly individual dependent and hence, lead to the buildup of factors referred above. While the adoption of autonomous vehicles technology is still in trial phase and has its own bottlenecks, its successful implementation will make travelling a totally delightful experience.

Part 2:

The category of product/service that would want to know about this trend: Technology

The name of a specific business that would want to know about this trend – While Google is already experimenting this technology, leading automobile giants such as General Motors (GM), Ford, etc. would be interested in this technological innovation.
Yes: I,(Gary (student name),understand this report is Not a marketing feasibility report; it is an information report only; I understand that I will use this type of business when I research the business information.
Yes: I, (Gary (student name)), understand my report is an information report only titled: “Autonomous Vehicles Making Inroads into the Futureand Howit will impact Automotive Industryby Gary (student name).

Part 3:

Names of 5 real, live people (with title/position, company, and 2-3 sentence description about why the person will provide information for your report) who I plan to interview to collect data about doing business in this country.
Yes: I, (Gary (student name)), understand that the results of these interviews MUST be put in the APPENDIX section of my Business Report; they will be used to create at least 1 visual (graph or chart) that will appear in the body of my report (NOT in the Appendix) and that when I use the information gained from these interviews with real people within the body of my report  I will use the APA citation (personal communication, year) each time I do.

Part 4:

Secondary research. Listed in alphabetical order below in APA format as the source would appear on my Reference page are 5 sources (not Wikipedia or any encyclopedia) (do not number your sources, just list in APA format in alphabetical order).  These references can be books, articles, pamphlets or specific pages of a website. DO NOT list a general source. (If you do you will receive 0 points for this section)