MBA642 Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

MBA642 Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

MBA642 Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

This subject enhances the knowledge and understanding of students of a variety of Project Initiation, Planning and Execution.


Project Schedule

The value of this assessment is 40% and it contains 40 marks. The word limit of this assessment is 1500 words.

You are needed to prepare a Project Schedule for the provided case study and submit the result as a report to a client. You will require research and choose a free trial for a project management software tool. And Gantt chart.

project planning


You need to prepare a plan for all activities needed to efficiently move the family. Compline a Gantt chart, review it and make all necessary refinements to meet the requirements of the family and their budget. As you refine your schedule, keep a record of what amendments you make and why.

You have to prepare a final report for submission to the client. The report requires including:

1. an overview of the provided scenario

2. the criteria and assumptions used to prepare the milestone plan and task list

3. a milestone plan

4. a list of the tasks and who is responsible for each task;

5. a Gantt chart (as an appendix) indicating the flow of tasks;

6. details of all adjustments made to the schedule, and why you made these adjustments; and

7. a personal reflection on the process.

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