Marketing Strategy and Segmentation Proof Reading Services

Marketing Strategy Segmentation Assignment details

Marketing Strategy and Segmentation Proof Reading Services

Assessment Task 1: Individual assignment


Read the case below on Jetstar and Qantas, and answer the following questions based on further research.

Imagine that you are engaged as a consultant by a foreign airline that is planning to enter the domestic budget airline industry in Australia. Write a report of the target market that you will recommend to the company. In your report, describe the market positions of existing budget airlines in Australia.

Your report should address, as a minimum, the following questions:

  • The bases of market segmentation you would employ when analyzing the industry.
  • Why you have chosen these bases.
  • The market share and positioning strategies of Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Tiger Airways
  • The future of the domestic budget airline industry in Australia

Assessment Task 2: Group Assignment

Part A


Daylesford, a suburb in not far away from Melbourne city, has traditionally targeted and attracted high end customers who can afford to have a luxury getaway. Assuming that this group of customers is dropping in terms of number, and the Council decides to look into other markets to boost its tourism income.

Part B


  • Do a group presentation of around 20 minutes to present your marketing plan.
  • As a group, each student should be presenting about the same amount of time.
  • You should try to be creative in your presentation and engage your audience.
  • Reading from notes can only give you a mere pass.
  • A copy of the PowerPoint slides should be given to your teacher on the day of the presentation.

Assessment task 3: Examination

A three hour examination will be held in the examination period. The examination is worth 40 marks. You will be given more information about the details of the examination by your lecturer/tutor in your last lecture/ tutorial.