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Marketing Management Assignment Brief

Marketing Management Editing and Proof Reading Services

Assessment Description:
Students will be required to write a report of the following

Task: You are the Australian-based Marketing Manager of a large international IT company. You are preparing to launch a new product in Australia. The product is a wearable accessory (looks like a wrist watch) that incorporates computer and advanced electronic technologies for fitness and exercises.Research shows Australians to be early adopters of wearable technology and the market is already growing steadily

Write a marketing lan or the launch Into the Australian market of your chosen product. The plan should include an assessment of the Australian business environment; marketing planobjectives; a situation analysis; a Marketing Mix outline and implementation plan.

1 Title page

2.Executive Summary

3.Table of Contents

4. Introduction - purpose of writing the document and any other background information that would help the reader understand the context and the content.

5. Situation Analysis (background relevant information about the market, industry, competitors,customers, company I.e. the external and internal environment analysis)

6. Opportunities and issues statement (identifying the key threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses and the key issues that will be addressed in the plan)

7. Marketing Objectives (the objectives the plan intends to achieve)

8. Marketing Strategies (how will the organisation achieve the objectives - which segments to target? with what value proposition? what will be the positIoning strategies? branding strategies? other marketing mix strategies?w       to create competitive advantage?)

9. Marketing mix Action programmes (details about what is to be done, by whom, when and cost involved)

10. Brief budget/profitability analysis (the expected revenues and expenses from the plan)

11. Monitoring and Control (how will you ensure that the objectives have been achieved? what should be monitored? how to measure         performance?)

12. Summary and Conclusion

     Your assignment report must include:

       • Correct argument essay structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Essay writing.

       • Harvard referencing for any sources you use, Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Referencing.

     • A minimum of 4 academic references (including the text book). You must submit your assignment to MOO DIE for it to be marked. Another copy should be sent to TURNITIN to check for plagiarism.

Please see Academic learning Skills staff for assistance with this, or any assignment. They can help you with understanding the task, draft checking. structure, referencing and other assignment related matters