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Management Support Systems Assignment Brief

Management Support Systems Editing and Proof Reading Services


Management support system uses the information resource which helps to manage the information   for planning and decision making. Information provided by the internal and external data system. By these information is help to achieve the goal of organization. Management support system is a process for store, retrieve, evaluate the information and make a frame work planning, performance, controls, financial, personal information, and production.

Management support system is computer based system which helps manager in an organization. in organization system transfer the information by the various way for grow the productivity  with the manager style . in management support system  should avoid the duplicity of information gathering.

These particular systems give information to direct the people for making decisions and planning in the organisation. With the help of this system the manager fulfil the information support for making effective decision in organization. The element of management support system the core concept is utilised in the organization.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse the role of MSS within organisations.
  • Analyse and evaluate the theories of decision-making and decision modelling.


The dairy industry is one of the largest industries in New Zealand and in particular in the Waikato region.  Management Support Systems are used in many aspects of the industry, for example - breeding, milk analysis, fertilizer management.


Choose a management decision that needs to be made in the dairy industry and investigate a MSS that has been used to help make the decision.  Write an essay that:

  1. Analyses the role of the MSS within the organisation.
  2. Analyses and evaluates the theory being used that underpins the MSS.

Marking Schedule

Use the marking rubric provided.


1900-2100 words plus references and diagrams.

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