Manage International Marketing Editing Services

Manage International Marketing Assignment Brief

Manage International Marketing Editing Services

Assessment 1. Introduction

Students have been provided with the following information:

You have been assigned to manage an international marketing opportunity to take a popular domestic clothing brand into the foreign markets of South Korea, America and France.
You must carry out the following:

  • Formulate international marketing objectives
  • Determine international marketing approach
  • Determine operational structures
  • Manage international marketing performance
  • Evaluate and improve international marketing performance.

You must also show evidence of the following:

  • Documenting and presenting:
  • international marketing objectives
  • selected marketing approach
  • creation of an operational structure
  • Effectively managing international marketing activities
  • Monitoring and evaluating international marketing performance, and making any necessary adjustments as required
  • Formulating suggestions on how marketing activities could be affected in the future

Present your plan as a portfolio.
This must be done on MS word. When you have completed the report, it is to be printed and submitted along with this assessment.

Please ensure you label each project with your name, student ID, unit code, title and assessment name. This is Assessment 1.


1.What things do you need to consider when assessing a marketing opportunity for viability?

2.What are SMART objectives? Explain.

3.Give two examples of measurable objectives.

4.What things do you need to consider when estimating what you can achieve in the international market?

5.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of marketing approaches?



Marketing approach




















Product or promotion adaptation





Product or promotion standardisation





Segmentation by criteria













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6. Outline the following operational marketing structures:

  • Export operation
  • Global organisation
  • Joint venture
  • Licensing
  • Multi-national organisation
  • Online business operation
  • Overseas branch
  • Strategic alliance
  • Subsidiary company

7. What considerations must you make before choosing an operational structure?

8. What methods do you use to communicate international marketing objectives across your organisation? Why do you use these methods?

9. What roles exist in a marketing effort? What responsibilities come with them?

10. What are the different elements of the marketing mix?

11. Choose three international markets and outline the cross-cultural communication and negotiation styles relevant to them.

12. What steps might you need to take to manage the marketing effort to ensure it is directed towards areas of greatest potential for the organisation?

13. Give some examples of promotional and sales activities.

14. What monitoring processes can you use to keep track of the product, pricing and distribution policies in relation to market changes, objectives of marketing plan and organisational requirements?

15. How can marketing metrics be used to measure success against performance targets?

16. What is performance gap analysis and how can it be used to improve international marketing performance?

17. What are market phenomena and how should you approach their analysis?

18. What market phenomena have emerged in your industry in the past ten years? What effects have they had?