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Activity 1
You have been asked to determine what personnel will need to learn to use the IM/ KM system. Create a document in which you outline what needs to be included in a learning program to forward to the appropriate manager. 

Activity 2
Discuss the resource requirements of face-to-face training sessions relative to other types of learning activities. In your answer, consider the factors that might lead an organization to adopt this type of learning activity. 

Activity 3

  • What role do learning objectives play in the way you facilitate learning activities? 
  • You have planned a learning activity and need to decide how you will determine whether learning objectives have been met. How would you go about doing this?

Activity 4

  • Why is a program of planned cultural change an important tool in supporting use of the system throughout the organization?
  • You have found that those who will be using the system do not support it, despite your efforts to promote the system. Identify one reason this might be and what you could do to turn this attitude around.

Activity 5
Learning activities in the use of the system have been running for some time. Management has asked you to determine whether the learning activities have been effective. How would you do this? Provide at least five examples in a bullet point list.

Activity 6

  • What is a procedure? When and why are they used?
  • You have been asked to develop a set of procedures for accessing the information on the system. What would you include in the procedures?

Activity 7

  • Why is the implementation stage a critical time for any organization introducing a new system or other change?
  • You have trained those who will use the system; however, when the implementation of the system actually occurs it is found that the procedures taught in relation to inputting information do not work. What process would you follow to address this problem? You should cite at least four steps.

Activity 8

  • What is a system? What sorts of systems are found within an organization?
  • Someone tells you that they are not clear why systems need to integrate and align with other systems in the organization. What would you say to them?

Activity 9
Your IM or KM system has been running for some time. You think that the organization should now be collecting information about the system’s performance. Your colleagues disagree. They feel that the system is supported by well-conceived policies and procedures that ensure satisfactory performance. What would you say to them?

Activity 10
Technical difficulties with the system’s software have arisen and this is having a major effect on the organisation’s operations. What should you have done when negotiating the original contract with the supplier of the system and software to ensure that contingencies such as these can be managed promptly and effectively?

Activity 11
You have been asked to conduct some research and write a report that identifies the strengths and limitations of the system. What aspects of the system would you need to consider when doing this? Provide at least three examples.

Activity 12
Can you determine how effectively a system is contributing to the achievement of business and operational outcomes if you have not set goals for the system at the outset?

Activity 13

  • Outline the problem-solving process and explain how an understanding of the process can aid you in making recommendations for improvement. 

  • You have determined that opportunities exist for improving the organisation’s IM or KM system. How would you go about communicating the need for change to relevant personnel?

Summative Assessment 1

Question 1
Outline the key aspects of privacy and freedom of information legislation.

Question 2
Explain the important functions organizational procedures perform in an organization.

Question 3
Describe the difference between information systems and knowledge systems that might replace existing data systems.

Summative Assessment 2

Project 1
Part 1
Your organization has recently introduced a new system. You have been asked to oversee the training of users, ensuring the system has been used properly and to review the system once it has been operating for some time. Outline how you would do this.
You should discuss how:

  • you will organize learning to use the system taking into account such things as types of learning activities, the resources that would be needed and evaluating learning
  • you will manage the use of the system taking into account such things as policies and procedures, problems and contingencies
  • the system is affected by/ needs to comply with relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards relevant to privacy, freedom of information and knowledge management
  • you will review the use of the system taking into account its relationship to achieving organizational goals
  • you will make recommendations for the improvement of the system
  • You should complete this project with close reference to the information included in this unit but you will also need to demonstrate that you have conducted your own research. Remember to properly cite any references used.

Part 2
Outline in a separate report how an organization can facilitate the good performance of an information system by introducing elements of a knowledge management system; and how the two can operate in support of each other