MAN6905 Databases And Business Intelligence Proof Reading Services

MAN6905 Databases And Business Intelligence Oz Assignments

MAN6905 Databases And Business Intelligence Proof Reading Services

Introduction to the subject

This unit will explain you how to use the relational database and business intelligence in an organization. It will teach you designing practically and how to network implement the database which will support objectives off operations and decision making.

Introduction to assignment

In this assignment you will learn how to solve the authentic business problems with the help of critical thinking and technical skills.

Important to know:-

1. Conceptualize problems of situations;
2. Use technical skills to authentic solutions;
3. Complex problem solving;

Part 1 – sales, Purchase and Stock Database System

You need to form a stock control system by using little amount of common sense attributes. System must contain the following information:-

1. Inventory details

2. Customer details

3. Sales order details

4. Supplier details

5. Purchase order details

Consider the needs of stock control when customer increases the order of sales or an inventory manager inside the organization increases the purchase consignment.

You are required to identify the tables you need and the information technology they consist with. You have asked that sale and purchase orders have header and line details tables.

This is a small system only, do not make it problematic.


1. From an entity-relationship model made with MS WORD or POWER POINT.

2. Submit the print out of your database schema:

3. set of normalized data – with your sample data.

4. Show the table relationships by using different keys; PK, FK, and SK with the help of UML notation.


Create the set of database tables of the connected database by using MYSQL and complete the related questions given.


Note down all the SQL statements, important to from all the tables and relationships, with the help of Primary and Foreign Keys.

Apply all the statements in the right form in order to create the relational database in MYSQL.

Some data should be inserted into each table

To execute in the MYSQL WorkBench you have to take the help of all you create and insert statement (from MS Word).

The assignment written in MS Word will be executed in MYSQL WorkBench. The statements are also necessary to ;

Display all tables,

Identify stock level for items

Recognize customer whole expenditure


By using MS-ACCESS, MYSQL database link (look the instructions in MYSQL connection from ACCESS on the blackboard) and make forms to enter into sales and purchase orders.

No buttons needed, Just what ACCESS generates to look forward, add a record etc.

Explain about what forms do in the form joining text or header by making it clear.

NOTE:- If you do not own MS-ACCESS, do this part of the assignment in the lab.

Part 2 – Business Intelligence

Variety of large dataset is available online, from governments in particulars, such as:

Select two large datasets and study them with pivot tables. Make a document of the insights and trends that you explored during the analysis. Keep the following requirements in mind and give FOR EACH DATASET:

Dataset details:

1. The URL of the dataset.
2. A description of the dataset.
3. Capture the screen showing the first page of the excel spreadsheet keeping the dataset.
4. Capture the screen containing one pivot table analysis on the dataset used with each other with one chart output that you made.
5. An analysis which contains you findings from the pivot table and chart should be clearly written.
6. Focus on the intuition you are trying to retain and the business intelligence you form.
7. Differentiate the dimensions from the facts in the dataset. You will have dimensions in which rows (time, location, product type) and dimensions should be in the center (revenue, cost etc).

Challenges students might face

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