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MAN6301 Project Risk Management Assignment Help

MAN6301 Project Risk Management Proof Reading Services

Project Risk Management is one of the most important factors of Project Management.

The existence of risk introduces different occasions for projects to have cooperated but also to be exploited for competitive advantages.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this assignment, you will get professional knowledge in project risk management analysis and response and information literacy. Furthermore, it develops problem-solving and decision-making skills and communication abilities.

Project Report

‘Risk Management in Major Sporting Events: A Participating National Olympic Team’s Perspective’

You are required to make a report about project risk management as given below. It should be constructed with the use of material contained in the material included in the paper with the given title. It evaluates risk management from the participant’s perspectives and not that of the host.

For this project, you’re the risk manager/risk consultant for a national soccer (football) team of your choice. You decide your country and assume that you’ve qualified for the Football World Cup 2018.

You need to develop a report for a National World Cup 2018 Football Cup Management Committee entitled: “Risk Assessment of the 2018 Football World Cup for the National Football Team”.

The project is sending the national soccer team to participate in the World Cup Football 2018 held in Russia. It is very important that both negative and positive risk events be identified and analyzed well in advance of the actual event so that preparation on risk management can start.

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The assignment should be completed in two parts:

Part 1: Data Collection (Worth 30%)

You’re required to gather data in respect of the risks facing the National Football Team with specific relevance to the World Cup 2018. Collect data that refers to this event taking into account the risks outlined in the provided case study referred to above as well as others that you can justify for consideration.

You should present the data collection to reflect a structured approach to the treatment of each risk:

Naming the risk precisely (e.g. “There is a risk that...”)

a. Stating the point at which the risk may occur
b. Describing the risk succinctly
c. Classifying the risk using appropriate risk breakdown categories
d. Assessing the risk
e. Justifying its inclusion through research, published cases, news reports etc.
It is compulsory that you provide an audit trail of your data collection activities:  sources of data, dates when the data was collected. You also need to consider the risk tolerance of the organization towards the risk.

Part 2: Business Report (Worth 50%)

In this part, you are required to take the risks you have recognized in Part 1, evaluate them in a qualitative approach and produce a formal report in the below-given format.

You should use the data collected in part 1 and be guided by the material provided in the unit and other readings in developing the report. When putting together the complete report should reflect a professional standard and the written parts should be 3,500 words long (except appendices).

The report is addressed to someone in a position of authority, for example, the report is written in a formal manner setting out details as outlined in the report requirements.

The layout  of the Report

This is a management report which will be evaluated according to its effectiveness to the organization. The study required to reflect the application of theory to practice. The business report should include the following headings/content:

a. Cover
b. Background information
c. Executive summary
d. Recommendations
e. Analysis
f. Risk register
g. Limitations

Challenges students may face in completing this assignment

Students may face different problems and feedbacks in Project Risk Management Assignment such as collecting data, identification of risk etc. We provide necessary help and academic guidance to such students.