MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis Proof Reading Services

MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis Assignment Help

MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis Proof Reading Services

This MAN5902 business systems analysis assignment help requires a report that must be based on feasiblity study.

Feasibility Study

Major Tech Corporation is a large, Australian based provider of information services. One of the organisation’s strategic imperatives is to develop a robust and effective client management system (CMS) to effectively engage with existing clients and also expand the existing clientele.

You have been appointed to the role of Business Systems Analyst/Business Analyst and are required to conduct a feasibility study and report on the findings in a logical and coherent manner, and provide this to key stakeholders as well as the project manager. You will need to develop a sound strategy, with relevant supporting project material to identify a suitable CMS product for Major Tech Corporation.

Major Tech requires a system which will align with contemporary CMS products capabilities (determined through the latest research), as well as providing an enhanced level of service to clients and a more streamlined workflow within Major Tech, to enhance staff efficiencies. To that end Major Tech would like to receive a detailed feasibility study to indicate whether it is viable and desirable to implement a new system to replace the existing spreadsheet-based system currently in place.

This assignment involves the development of a feasibility study around the viability of implementing a new client management systemat Major Tech. The document should clearly identify the current trends in CMS systems and any relevant inhibitors that may make the project unviable. To start the feasibility study you should conduct a review of trends and practices surrounding CMS products – particularly those in similar organisational environments, and should include:

  • CMS Trend findings
  • Marketing approach and strategy
  • Risks and issues
  • Organisational needs and requirements
  • Research approach and methodology
  • Staff resourcing requirements
  • Schedule
  • Technology considerations (pros and cons)
  • Product/Service Marketplace
  • Description of product/service under review
  • Financial projections
  • Findings and recommendations

The above inclusions should act as a guide for the preparation of the feasibility study, and may vary based on additional material gathered during the research phase or during other exploratory activities.

Significant Trend in Business Systems Analysis

This assignment requires students to conduct research into, and identify, and report on a significant trend in contemporary business systems analysis. Topics must be selected from the following:

  • Agile Methods
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Database design
  • Business process analysis
  • Stakeholder management
  • Data management
  • Project Management
  • Systems development methodologies

The report should, at a minimum, include:

  • Abstract
  • Research approach and methodology
  • Detailed description of the significant trend identified
  • Impact of the trend on business analysis practice
  • Reflection and commentary on the identified trend


This assignment will require some research and background reading on possible research topics which highlight contemporary business systems analysis trends. For relevant information you should refer to scholarly databases, Gartner Consulting website and other relevant sources as part of the initial fact- finding exercise. This preliminary research conducted should be noted as part of your methodology and approach.

Were appropriate, you should make use of supporting flow charts, diagrams to enhance your assignment.
The assignment should take into account features of the unit such as:

  1. Methodologies
  2. User participation
  3. Managing risks in implementation
  4. Change management
  5. Obtaining requirements
  6. Others

The assignment should correctly reference all sourced material using the APA 6th referencing style. Marking penalties may be applied where the word count is exceeded.