MAF707 Investment and Portfolio Proof Reading Services

MAF707 Investment Portfolio Assignment Questions

MAF707 Investment and Portfolio Proof Reading Services

Assignment questions

To successfully complete this assessment each student needs to prepare equity research reports for two Australian listed firms. These two firms should be from two different industries.
In general, equity analysts prepare equity research reports for the investors. These reports provide expert opinion about the investment opportunities in companies analysed. These reports also provide clear ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ recommendation to the investors. The equity research reports for the individual assessment should at least include following:

  • Basic information about the company: such as-Company name, industry, stock ticker, market capitalization, past return, P/E, etc.
  • Financial analysis-including ratio analysis to explain financial health/strength of the firms. At least past 3 years financial history needs to be analysed.
  • Investment recommendations with explanation.
  • The elementary discussion on ethical behaviour of professional fund managers

Please try to stick to the word limit (3000 words). Number of words is calculated excluding tables, graphs/figures and references.

Can I recycle my own work?

students are not permitted to recycle their assessment work, or parts of assessment work, without the approval of the unit chair of their current unit. This includes work submitted for assessment at another academic institution. If students wish to reuse or extend parts of previously submitted work, then they should discuss this with the unit chair prior to the submission date. Depending on the nature of the task, the unit chair may permit or decline the request.

Assignment submission

  • You must keep a backup copy of every assignment you submit, until the marked assignment has been returned to you. In the unlikely event that one of your assignments is misplaced, you will need to submit your backup copy.Any work you submit may be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting collusion and/or plagiarism.
  • Extensions can only be approved by the Unit Chair (<<Enter Unit Chair name>>). Extensions can be granted for documented serious illness (not just on the day the assignment is due!) or for compassionate reasons under extenuating circumstances. The unit chair can ask to see how much work has been completed before granting an extension.
  • Work or holiday reasons are NOT grounds for an extension – you are expected to manage these issues as part of your studies. You are strongly encouraged to start early and to continually backup your assignmentas you progress. Computer crashes or corrupted files will NOT be accepted as valid reasons for an extension of any length.


You must correctly use the Harvard style of referencing in this assessment.