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MA505 Marketing Management Proofreading and Editing Services

The subject has a dual discipline of marketing and management with changing environment affecting most organizations marketing has to be aware of these changes.

1.0 Assessment (Business Model Canvas Report)


This is a group task and you need to working in a team of two people to make a Business Model Canvas Report for the provided company that is based in the Australian market.


You need to apply the full business model canvas to given company’s operations to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and also provide recommendations for recognized weaknesses. You can gather data and information required to write the marketing plan by conducting research using business magazines, journal articles, business reports and World Wide Web.

Each member of the group must contribute evenly to the report and presentation.

Use APA reference style to present the references.

2.0 Assessment tasks and requirements

2.1 Assessment 1 (Business Model Canvas Report)

Value:this part has the total value of 20% and the word limit is 3500 words.

Format:font size-11, font style- Calibri Body, margin- 2.5cm all around.

2.2 Assessment 2 (Presentation)

Value:the total value of this assessment is 10%.

Students need to present the marketing plan as a group.

3.0 Assessment Guidelines

3.1 Assessment 1 (Business Model Canvas Report Guidelines)

Use the below-mentioned format to write your business report.

Executive Summary (150 words)
Key partners (300 words)
Key activities (300 words)
Key resources (300 words)
Value propositions (300 words)
Customer relationships (300 words)
Channels (300 words)
Customer segments (300 words)
Cost structure (300 words)
Revenue streams (300 words)
Recommendations (300 words)
Conclusion (150 words)
Reference list (Minimum 10 references)

Each group is assigned 15 minutes to present their business model canvas report and the findings and five minutes of question time.

4.0 Marking Guide

4.1 Assessment 1 (Business Model Canvas Report Marking Guide)

Executive Summary (0.5 marks)
Key Partners (2 marks)
Key Activities (2 marks)
Key Resources (2 marks)
Value Propositions (2 marks)
Customer Relationship (1 mark)
Channels (2 marks)
Customer  Segments (2 marks)
Cost Structure (2 marks)
Revenue Streams (2 marks)
Recommendations (1 marks)
Conclusion (0.5 mark)
References (1 mark)

4.2 Assessment 2 (Presentation Marking Guide)

a. The findings are clearly presented and verbally discussed (5 marks)
b. Visual representation takes the form of power point slides and must include one or more of the following: charts, graphs, statistics, pictures, photos or other graphics are used in the powerpoint slides. (1 mark)
c. Artefacts Used (Flyers, handouts, posters, models, flip charts, artefacts, whiteboards or props). (1 mark)
d. Questions from the audience are well answered. (2 marks)
e. Clear communication and the audience well understood the presentation. - Time management (should be no more than 15 minutes). (1 mark)

Challenges that students may face in completing this assessment

Students may face many problems while attempting this assessment task such as lack of time and academic writing skills, making reference list etc. Students can take help and guidance of our marketing experts and excel their academic records.