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Leadership and Management Assignment Brief

Leadership and Management Editing and Proof Reading Services

This assignment help leadership and management assignment discuss personal work priorities and professional development. 

Purpose of Assessment: 

This assessment assesses students’ ability to apply their skills and knowledge to use various systems and processes (electronic or paper-based) to organise and prioritise tasks develop personal and professional development plans

 Description of Assessment: 

  • This is an individual task
  • There are 10 knowledge questions 

Assessment Structure and Layout/Format: 

Your Word document must include:

  •  A Title page with your name, student number, subject, class no and trainer’s name and date.  If you wish you can add a graphic or picture
  • Size 12, Arial or Calibri Font
  • 1.5 line Spacing with double spacing between each question
  • Be of a professional standard (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • All pages must have Footer with the page number 
  • Check the layout by using Print Preview to ensure that each page is cantered and balanced 

Assessment Task 1:  Ten Questions:   

1) List and describe 2 leadership qualities that you need to demonstrate in order to serve as a positive role model to others in the      workplace

2) Describe 2 ways that you currently organise your time to meet your daily work and personal activities

3) Provide 3 examples of how you use technology at work and home to manage your time and activities effectively

4) What does the acronym SMART mean in terms of setting work, personal goals?

5) What are your long and short term goals and how are you going to achieve them?

6) List some strategies that you use to monitor the progress of you achieving your goals

7) List 3 sources where you could access information to support your own professional development 

8) What is the meaning of work-life balance to you?

9) Write one SMART goal for each of the categories below with the aim of achieving a better work-life balance. 

  • Work goals
  • Personal goals

10) Go to the following link and check your learning style.Take a moment to reflect on the results. 

  • Is it accurate? 
  • what is the best way for you to learn new things?
  • Describe ways that your learning style might affect your work.