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Leadership Management Assignment

Leadership Management Editing and Proof Reading Services

This is a Assessment of Leadership Management Assignment in which we discuss Leadership styles, Leadership and cultural awareness and influences on leadership for mini essay Assignment help.


LO1: Student will analyze a range of perspectives on leadership relevant to different management levels within organizational and situational contexts.
Lo2: Students will evaluate approaches to leadership relevant within diverse cultural contexts
LO3:Students will discuss the influence of a range of factors on leadership.

Essay 1 [lo1]: Leadership styles

Outlets two different approaches to or  styles of leadership as defined by current leadership identify two current or recent leaders whose style you believe matches each of the approaches and evaluating each leader in terms of that person’s effectiveness, including but not limited to success of an enterprise, employee satisfaction, public recognition, example and reference to theory to be credible and acceptable at this level of study.

You must refer to at least three reputable and relevant sources, including your textbook as well as media outlets and academic or journalistic articles and reference books.

Essay 2 [Lo2]: Leadership and cultural awareness.

Write an opinion-piece expressing and explaining your views on the relevance of cultural awareness to New Zealand business leaders, with particular reference to the treaty of Waitangi and other issues of cress cultural business communication within and between organisations both in NZ and internationally. Use example relating to relevant current or recent NEW Zealand business, social and polotocal issues to support your ideas, Aim to express and explain:

  • Whether you believe cultural awareness and attention to cultural issues is a key element of organization leadership and why
  • Whether you believe the treaty of Waitangi is relevant and significant within the context of NZ business activity and why
  • What events, actions by leaders or topical issues seem to you to best support you views.

Essay 3 [lo3] influences on leadership

From the list below, choose one factor that you think has a major influence on a current or recent New Zealand business leader. Identify the leader and the specific factor, explain in some detail the nature of that factor’s influence on that particular leader, and its effect on the leader’s performance, success or otherwise in the context of their overall activities.

  • Factors to be considered include:
  • Ethics and ethics practice
  • Social responsibility
  • Stakeholder responsibility and engagement
  • Social or political change