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ITNE3007 Advanced Routing Proof Reading Services

Introduction of the subject:

Question 1 – Routing Protocols

Consider the following network. With the indicated link cost, use Dijkastra’s shortest-path algorithm to fulfill the shortest path from x to all the nodes. Present how the algorithm works by cloud computing a table. (10 marks)

Three-node topology has to be considered below. Let the link costs be c(x , y) = 3, c(y , z) = 6, c(z , x) = 4. Distance table should be computed after the initialization step and after each iteration of the distance-vector algorithm. (10 marks)

Count-to-infinity problem in the distance vector routing should be considered.

Will the count-to-infinity problem occur if we decrease the cost of a link? Why?

How about if we connect two nodes which do not have a link? (5 marks)

Question 2 – IP Addressing (25 marks)

Router that interconnects three subnets have to be considered: Subnet 1, Subnet 2,, and Subnet 3. Suppose all interfaces in all three subnets are needed to have the prefix 223.1.17/24. Subnet 1 is needed to support up 63 interfaces, Subnet 2 is to support up to 95 interfaces, and Subnet 3 is supporting 16 interfaces have to be supported. Give three network addresses (of the form a.b.c.d/x) this constraints satisfied by that. (10 marks)

Consider a subnet with prefix Provide a supporting example of one IP address (of form that network will be assigned. Suppose the block of address owned by the ISP of the form Suppose it need to be created four subnets from this block, with same number of each block of IP addresses. What are the prefixes (of form a.b.c.d/x) for the four subnets? (10 marks)

Write a short note on IPv6. (5 marks)

Question 3 – IP routing configuration

The network engineer responsibilities with international Travel Agency including producing and maintaining the San Jose campus network, every regional headquarters are connected, internet access via one or more service providers. The San Jose campus network should maintain 99.9% availability, and supporting 99% regional headquarters are available. The network have to be based on an should meet the following requirements:

EIGRP have to be run by the San Jose core router. (4 marks)

The one class B license has to be allocated by the network. (2 marks)

Each serial interfaces might be suitable with the use of VLSM. (10 marks)

There will be three branches in this network. The regional headquarters in Sydney and ABC will be run by EIGRP. The XYZ branch office will run EIGRP. The V and E branch offices will run IGR. (for correct configuration of routing protocols for each locations – 10 marks)

All routes from each area presented in core have to be summarize. Plan for almost 30 networks in all area with the exception of the core, which is exactly given in the diagram. (4 marks)

In the IGRP cloud of V and E, configure a DHCP server for segment of LAN. Use an IP helper address so that a workstation on other segment in that area can obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. (4 marks)

Configure internet connectivity through a static route. (4 marks)

Document the configuration and any difficulties that were encountered. (4 marks)

What were the implementation issues or limitations? (4 marks)

List two suggestions for improving this network configuration and design. (4 marks)


You have to give a report and packet tracer file.

Report – must consist of answers for question 1,2 and configuration cannot address the questions.

Packet Tracer File –you have to do the related configuration following the instructions and answering the questions. And you have to save the packet tracer configuration file.a

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