ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies Paper Editing Services

ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies Assignment Help

ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies Paper Editing Services

This subject analyzes and implements complex decision making to determine the applicable methodology to apply to different development situations. It also provides an in-depth knowledge of processes to ensure the quality of the engineering of a large software system.

Assignment 2 (Group Assignment)

Specification of a System – Wheat Truck Control System (WTC)

Value:Total value of this assignment is 20%.

Time:Minimum expected time for this assessment time- 10 hours.

Overview of the Assessment

Your task is to develop a formal description in Z for the planned system as a Software Engineering consultant. You will present your work to demonstrate that your system does work and response questions about the system description that your group has advanced.

Learning Outcomes

S1. Analytically evaluate and use complicated decision making to explore and define the applicable Software Engineering tools and its methodologies to utilize in a provided situation.

S2. Put on professional communication skills to support and bring about the engineering of a large software system.

S3. The study analytically defines and improve artefacts to describe procedures for quality assurance, risk management and communication in large software development projects.

S4. Apply quality assurance activities to verify requirements of the user and validate design decisions.

A1. Study of a big system development problem to select the best methodological approach

A2. Development of applicable artefacts to help and manage the software engineering procedure like modify control and configuration management

Assessment Details

 A new computerized system is to be established for the storage and managing of accounts for wheat farmers and truck deliveries to Mahsroh Wheat Board silos. The below-mentioned factors to be considered in the system: silos, ships, trucks, and farmers.


Z Schema Operations

You’re to create a Z schema that sufficiently defines the WTC system. It should contain minimum one state space and the succeeding operations:

a. An initialization operation called ‘Init’.
b. An operation ‘Enter_new_silo’ that an operator uses to enter the details of a new silo into the system. Assume the new silo is currently emply.
c. An operation ‘Accept_delivery’ that an operator uses to signal the system to start offloading x tonne of wheat from a truck.
d. An operation ‘Leave_queue’. This is run by the system operator each time there is a queue for a silo and the driver of a definite truck decided that the expected waiting time is too long and leaves the line.
e. An operation ‘Silo_account’ that outputs the total amount of wheat in tones delivered to a specified silo by ALL farmers in a particular time period.
f. An operation ‘Ships_total_account’ that outputs the amount of wheat that a specified ship has taken from ALL silos in the history of the system.
g. An operation ‘Farmers_account’ that outputs the total amount of wheat distributed to ALL silos in between two particular global operation numbers.

You should also add a narrative in the report to describe any logic or schemas that you’ve used. Schemas should be annotated. Authorship should be made clear. You’ll be asked to describe and response the questions about your work in a presentation that will be scheduled at a suitable time.

Marking Criteria

Z Schema Operations

a. Schema (4 marks)
b. Schema Annotations (4 marks)
c. Init (8 marks)
d. Enter_new_silo_account (8 marks)
e. Accept_delivery (8 marks)
f. Leave_queue (8 marks)
g. Silo_account (8 marks)
h. Ships_total_account (8 marks)
i. Farmers_account (8 marks)
Evidence that system works correctly – contained in the report (14 marks)
Report – adheres to the university’s guidelines for the presentation of academic work (10 marks)
Presentation – discuss your contribution- development & testing; answer questions about the system (20 marks)

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