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ITECH7402 Professional IT Culture Paper Editing Services

Task 3

Individual Written Task

This is an individual written assignment requiring a business report including 1500 words for both subtasks. The report should present the result of research relevant to the ethical questions stated below. Assessment criteria are based on the course learning outcomes, written presentation quality and the suitable application of ethical and professional principles to solve the questions.

The percentage value of this task is 15%.

Learning outcomes:

The following learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment.

K1. Research and discuss underpinning theories of ethical philosophy and apply these to a range of scenario in an IT workplace environment.

K2. Interpret the principles of the Australian computer society Code of Ethics and synthesize them into daily IT practice.

S1. Show an understanding of the cognitive and practical approaches required to manage IT professionals in collaborative, global work environment.

A2.  Apply skills frameworks and develop a career plan in readiness for transition into the IT profession.

V3. Value ethical decision making approaches when working as an IT professional

This assessment has 2 subtasks of same weight:

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1. Subtask 1

Using the SFIA 6 to develop a career plan for classroom\ career transition

The value of this task is 7.5%. The skills framework for the information age (SFIA) is one of the frameworks developed to aspiring professionals and employers in the information and communications technologies. The main objective for an average student is how to become a professional. So, embracing the set of skills, competencies, and knowledge needed for the aspiring careers is very important. The objective of this assignment is to motivate students to achieve that.

Task: investigate the SFIA framework, and put on it to develop a career plan to make you for your transition into the IT profession upon your graduation. Firstly, you need to identify and specify which of the 7 SFIA 6 responsibilities levels whose skills your developed career plan pursues to achieve.

Marking criteria (Total marks 50)             

1. Report structure and contents of the executive summary (5 marks)
2.  Quality of introduction and conclusion (5 marks)
3. Analysis Reflective interpretation of SFIA6 (5 marks)
4.  Selection and justification of responsibility level in SFIA6 (5 marks)
5. Justification of how each of the skill set required in the selected responsibility level in SFIA 6 is acquired or to be acquired or to be acquired. This must include your career development timeline with milestones.
 (20 marks)
6. Choice and use of resources, referencing accuracy and style (5 marks)
7. Writing skills (5 marks)

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2. Subtask 2

Case study

The percentage value of this task is 7.5%.

Assume that Miss BN tester is an employee of a company, which develops integrated circuits for mobile phone manufacturers.


Students are expected to prepare a business report of the maximum length of 750 words that give an ethical analysis of the

Issues raised in the case study. Your submission must at least address the following points:

a) Clearly, state the ethical dilemma that confronts the stakeholders mentioned in the case study.

b) Provide an ethical response to the dilemma according to consequences alone. Consider the consequences for each of the stakeholders mentioned in the case study.

c) The ACS Code of Professional Conduct extends the meaning of the six ethical values with requirements that contribute to observing the values. Examine the code and identify requirements (using value numbers 1-6 and a requirement letter) that are relevant to this case study. For each identified requirement, explain how it should be applied in this case study. (K2)

d) Discuss how each of the stakeholders in the case study applied or failed to apply ethical decision-making approaches in the IT work environment. (V3)

e) Use appropriate theories of ethical philosophy to analyze the case study, especially for the position of Mr. Noway and Miss BN Tester in passing the integrated circuits while knowing that they were faulty. (K1)

Marking criteria (50 marks)

1. Report structure and contents of the executive summary (4 marks)

2. Quality of introduction and conclusion (4 marks)

3. Analysis – interpretation of the ethical dilemma (5 marks)

4. Use of ethical philosophies or approaches and models (8 marks)

5. Appropriate application of the ACS code of ethics (8 marks)

6.  Appropriate application of ethical decision making approaches (8 marks)

7. Demonstration of understanding of practical and cognitive approaches used to manage employees in the collaborative and global work environment (8 marks)

 8. Writing skills (5 marks)

Challenges that students may face in completing this assignment

Students face several problems in completing this assignment such as insufficient time, lack of academic writing skills, making proper references list etc. we provide every necessary help and academic guidance for such students. With getting help from our experts, you can achieve better grades in your academics.