ITECH7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Proof Reading

ITECH7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Assignments Help

ITECH7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Proof Reading


The first thing delivered in the IT project cycle is known as Business case. It will give you the analysis of the organization value, feasibility, costs, risk and benefits of various proposed alternatives or options.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

The learning outcomes course are evaluated by the completion of this assessment are as follows:

K1. The various project management methodologies are analyzed and assessed which is used in IT projects.

K2. The importance of strategic information system balance of IT projects to objectives of the organization should be understood by you.

K3. Various strategies for the coordination of IT project change have to be probed and assessed.

S1. Project planning and selection technique should be applied.

S2. Illustrate theoretical and practical implementation of leadership, team building, management of performance should be approached for IT projects.

S3. Decision making and problem solving should be utilized to solve and pre-empt range of problems on IT projects.

S4. Delegation and negotiation techniques have to be applied in order to manage organizations, stakeholders, and members of the team on IT projects.

A1. Written and oral approaches should be constructed which help in developing and presenting IT project documentation.

A2. IT projects are managed by implementing the system thinking approach.

Requirements for assignment:

You will be needed to create teams of four people approximately in this assignment. One of the member should be a project leader of your team. The base of project business cases have to be prepared by the team on an IT Project case study and have to use initiative related to assumptions and the scheduling all deliverables of their own.

The availability of an electronic copy of a case study  from your tutor or course lecturer (although your team might show the project of their own – before going further on this please get the permission from your lecturer).

Business case should include:

1. Introduction and explanation of the project background
2. Explanation of project objectives (link included in organizational mission statement)
3. Current situation description (including a SWOT analysis)
4. Outline of problem/opportunity statement
5. Critical assumptions and constraints in details
6. Option and recommendation analysis
7. Financial analysis (npv, roi, and payback figures)
8. Preliminary project requirements (project preliminary scope)
9. Budget estimate (cost model and baseline)
10. Schedule estimate (including work breakdown structure level 3)

Potential risks list

Availability of the above document templates will be given by your lecturer/tutor. You can use this as a basis, but you are motivated to reach new and innovative forms in the presentation of your business case.

A demonstration will be given by the quality team business on synthesis of plan content, templates and ideas acknowledged from project management personnel’s and educational authors with details from the case study given. Marks will be awarded for innovation for evidence of additional deliverables, participation of the team such as meeting agenda’s and minutes, leadership approach etc.

Challenges student might face:

 Several students may face the challenges in the completion of ITECH7401 Leadership in Project Management assignment such as analysis of project management methodologies, investigating IT project management and implementing the system steel design thinking approach. With OZ Assignments, you get important academic guidance and tutorial help in ITECH7401 Leadership in Project Management assignment help. Get feedback amendment without any additional cost.