ITC597 Digital Forensics Proof Reading and Editing Services

ITC597 Digital Forensics Assignment Help

ITC597 Digital Forensics Proof Reading and Editing Services

This subject gives a deep study of the quickly changing and interesting field of computer forensics. It associates both the technical expertise and the technical understanding and skills needed to examine and prevent digital crimes. The subject covers the knowledge on digital forensics legislation, forensics process, and processes, data acquisition, e-discovery tools, investigating operating systems and file systems, forensics processes and procedures, network forensics, mobile device forensics, presenting reports and emails and web forensic.

Learning outcomes

On successful accomplishment of this assessment, you should be able to:

1. Clarify the legal and ethical considerations for examining and take legal action digital crimes.

2. Formulate a digital forensics process

3. Assess the technology in digital forensics to detect, inhibit and recover from digital crimes.

4. Examine data on storage media and many file systems.

5. Gather electronic proof without compromising the original data.

6. Analysis and comprises technical strategies in digital crimes and evaluate the steps involved in a digital forensics investigation

7. Assess the functions and types of digital forensics equipment, the environment and the tools for digital forensics investigations.

8. Make and defend reports on the results of investigations.

This assessment has three tasks,

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Task 1

Peer interaction

The value of this assessment is 10%. In this assessment, you need to use peer-wise as a peer to peer interaction platform for creating, share and appraiser assessment questions with your colleagues to show your knowledge and understanding of the concepts as your progress in the assessment.

If you have not used peer-wise before, just click the “Registration” link and follow the prompts, all you require to do is choose a username and password for your peer-wise account.

Task 2


Task 1

Reflection on Hands on Projects (5 marks)

Complete the below mention Hand on Projects at the end of chapter 1 in the textbook

Hands-On Project 1-1

Hands-On Project 1-2

Hands-On Project 1-3

Hands-On Project 1-4

Hands-On Project 1-5

You have to write a 300-500 words reflection on 5 things learned or discovered by completing these projects, commenting individually on each project.

Task 2

Case project (5 marks)

Complete the Hands-On Project 4-3 the M57 Patents case.

Write a 300-500 words paper explaining the importance of the files you examined. How might they affect a patent case. You need to provide screenshots of the steps completed in the project.

Task 3

Research Project (5 marks)

As part of the responsibilities of a digital forensics assessor, making an investigation strategy is a standard practice. Write a paper that defines how you would organize an investigation for a possible fraud case. Also, list the procedures that you strategy to use to validate collected data from a storage device like MS word, emails, MS excel with hashes. Identify the hash algorithm you plan to use like MD5 or SHA1.

You need to write a 300-500 word report that frameworks standard investigation management and data justification methods.

Task 3

Tasks and Forensics Report

The value of this assessment is 25%.

Task 1 - inbox

Recovering Scrambled bits (5 marks)

In this task, you need to upload a text file with scrambled bits on the Interact site closer to the assignment payable date. You will be needed to restore scrambled bits to their original order and copy the basic text in your assignment.

Describe the process used in restoring the scrambled bits and insert plain text in the assignment.

Task 2

Digital Forensics Report (20 marks)

In this task, you have assumed a digital forensics investigator and asked to prepare a digital forensic report for the given scenario.

For this forensic examination, you need to search all possible places data might be hiding and submit a digital forensics report of 1800-2000 word.

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of programming skills, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our subject experts and excel their grades.

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