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ITC595 Information Security Proofreading and Paper Editing Service

Subject Overview

This subject gives an in-depth knowledge of concepts of information security with an emphasis on combating security threats to operating systems, database and networked systems, and computer programs. It also discusses basic security policies that stipulate requirements about confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Techniques for applying these policies are also investigated, containing memory management, user authentication, access control mechanisms, and network tools.

Learning outcomes

After successfully complete this subject, you will be able to:

a. Explain security goals and the significance of maintaining the secure computing environment against digital threats.
b. Describe the basic concepts of cryptographic algorithms.
c. Evaluate malicious activities that may impact the security of a computer program and explain the choice of different controls to alleviate threats.
d. Compare and contrast the security mechanisms of a trusted operating system with those used in a general-purpose operating system.
e. Compare and contrast basic securities policies and models that deal with confidentiality and integrity.
f. Investigate the use of access control mechanisms and user authentication procedures.

Pass Requirements

Students need to obtain minimum 50% in both the examination and the total mark to pass this subject.

Subject Content

There are many topics on this subject which you’ll cover. These are:

a. Overview of information security
b. Authentication and access control
c. Cryptography
d. Types of security threats and attacks
e. Operating system security
f. Network security
g. Database security
h. Cloud computing security
i. Privacy Emerging topics in security

Assessment details

There are total 5 assessment tasks in this assignment which are as follows:





Online Quiz-1



Security Fundamentals



Research Projects (Abstract)



Online Quiz-2



Research Project (Report)


Assessment 1

In this task, you need to attempt an online quiz 1 contains topics from chapters 1-2 of the textbook.


This assessment includes 15 multiple choice type questions based on the topics covered. You are encouraged to complete the suggested and recommended readings before attempting this online quiz.

Marking Scheme            

This task is a series of multiple choice type questions. Each right answer scores marks whereas no marks will be deducted for the wrong answers.

Assessment 2

This assessment task aimed to develop and gauge student understanding of the main topics covered so far by answering the below-mentioned questions. This will build your understanding for the next assessment as well as for the entire subject. It is expected that all answers be precise and concise with all sources of information and fully referenced as per APA referencing style.

Question 1 [5 Marks]

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are designed so that users will provide a personal identification number (PIN) and a card to access their bank accounts. Give examples of confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements associated with such a system and describe the degree of importance for each requirement.

Question 2 [5 Marks]

A thief broke into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using a screwdriver and was able to jam the card reader as well as breaking five keys from the keypad. The thief had to halt the process of a break-in and hide, as a customer approached to use the ATM. The customer was able to successfully enter their ATM card, punch in the 4 digit PIN and was able to draw out some cash. Since the card reader was jammed, the customer was however not able to withdraw the ATM card and drove off to seek some help. In the meantime, the thief came back and decided to try to discover the customer’s PIN so that he can steal money from the customer. You are required to calculate the maximum number of PINs that the thief may have to enter before correctly discovering the customer’s PIN?

Question 3 [5 Marks]

Thinking about bio-metric authentication, list three reasons why people may be reluctant to use bio-metrics. Describe various ways of how to counter those objections.

Question 4 [5 Marks]

In bio-metric authentication, false positive and false negative rates can be tuned according to the requirement, and they are often complementary i.e. raising one lowers the other. Describe two circumstances where false negatives are significantly more serious than false positives.

Question 5 [10 Marks]

Transposition is one known method of encrypting the text. What can be one way that a piece of cipher text can be determined quickly if it was likely a result of a transposition? Utilizing some of the decryption techniques (substitution and others) covered in the subject so far, you are required to decipher (find the plain text) the cipher text that will be provided to you closer to the assessment due date via the subject site. In order to present your solution, you need to demonstrate and explain the steps taken to decipher this text.

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Assessment 3

In this assessment task, you are required to choose a topic to complete your research project form the following list:

a. Biometrics for authentication: security and privacy implications
b. Security and privacy issues in Internet of Things (IoT) /Smart Architectures
c. Security threats in cloud computing and preventive methods
d. Security issues in Software Defined Networks (SDN)
e. Denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks
f. Investigating security of Blockchain enabled applications
g. Malware: past, present, and future
h. Employee privacy and email, WWW, and instant messaging
i. Wireless Network security and preventive techniques
j. Security threats related to BYOD devices and countermeasures
k. Cryptographic techniques
l. Data Exfiltration techniques

In this task, the abstract will provide an overview of your chosen topic, along with key security challenges in that area and why you have chosen this for your research.

Assessment 4

You need to attempt an online quiz 2 which includes questions from topics covered. This assessment consists of 15 multiple choice questions.

Marking Scheme            

This task is a series of multiple choice type questions. Each right answer scores marks whereas no marks will be deducted for the wrong answers.

Assessment 5

You are required to provide a report of your research project, that you select in Assessment 3 by discussing the following elements:

a. Overview of the technology involved
b. Relevant technologies and applications of those technologies
c. Highlighting the challenges/problems in your chosen research area
d. Identification of any gaps in the literature by:

discussing areas/issues that you believe have been addressed in the current literature;
highlighting areas/issues that have not been addressed or adequately addressed; and
discussing your view(s) on the issue(s) that you see as being critical.

e. Summarize the future research directions based on the identified gaps

To accomplish the above, you are suggested to read and analytically assess recent research in your chosen research area by citing at least 5 research articles.

Challenges students may face while attempting this information security assignment

In completing this assessment, students may face several problems such as insufficient time, lack of writing skills, making appropriate references etc. Such students can take help and academic guidance from our technical experts and excel their grades.

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