ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation Editing Services

ITC 571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation Assignment Guide

ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation Editing Services

This assignment needs an advanced level research and project work on a topic relevant to developing and innovation.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this assessment, you will be able to:

1. Appraise an overview of latest trends.
2. Analytically replicate on and produce composite information, concepts, issues and theories in the chosen topic
3. Apply established research methodologies with autonomy
4. Show communication skills in transferring their ideas and experiences
5. Execute literature searches and analyze the literature on the selected topics

This assignment has 5 assessments in total. These are the following:





Project Blog for Weekly Progress Reports



Project Proposal and Plan



Annotated Bibliography



Research Innovation and Ethical Analysis Quiz



Project closure: Project Report and Seminar


Problems students may face in completing this assignment

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Assessment 1


Project Blog and Weekly Progress Reporting

1. Arrange and grow you're as essential for this task and later tasks. The Project Blog will accumulate entries made by you all over the subject to document the assignment phases and milestones and other significant notes.
2. Select and grow a limited blogger profile and enter an appropriate TITLE for your blog (e.g. Joe’s Wireless Technology Project) – not your full name. For WEB ADDRESS - use your student number as your account name (URL) or another distinctive identifier.
3. Make the first post - a short introduction to you and the project - remember to save, and then publish the blog entry. Check with a friend or family member to make sure that he/she can see your first posting. This is also to check you have the right URL to comprise in this proposal and plan for your project
4. Post a copy of the ‘BLOG’ address to the ‘DISCUSSION FORUM’ to share with others and to show that you are on the go in the subject

From Week 2 to Week 12 (in each week) add a blog post for each Weekly Progress Report as mentioned below.

Weekly Progress Reports

1. You are required to Submit or Present a Weekly Progress Report on your Capstone project From Weeks 2 to 12 in the Schedule.
2. The Weekly Reports will monitor the plan you make in Assessment 2 Project Proposal and Plan.

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Assessment 2


1. Monitor the Study Schedule and work with the Topics in Work together as they are responsible for a "scaffold" for your learning on this topic
2. You are required to make a detailed Capstone Project Proposal and Plan with the use of project management software and the skills you have learned from IT Project Management to make a project plan with a WBS, milestones and Gantt chart. These tools may help.

a. OpenProj (
b. OpenProject (
c. Open source tools like GanttProject (;
d. MicrosoftProject Pro (
e. ProjectLibre (

3. Instigate using the ' project blog' as a tool beyond the weekly progress reports for your selected developing topic of technology.

a. The blog is a method to "think by writing" and make your notes as well as collect project files and associations in a cloud-based service
b. Think through sharing the site with your peers as a way to tell a story and harness each other’s knowledge

4. The blog is preferably updated each week with 3 or 4 entries for documenting your project notes and as the groundwork for editing and writing the Capstone Project Report. An ideal blog entry will have about 50-150 words (150-600 words a week).

5. The blog is preferably updated every week with three or four entries for keeping a record your project notes and as the establishment of editing and writing the Capstone Project Report. An ideal blog will have word length about 50-150 words (150-600 words a week).

Assessment 3

This assessment has 2 tasks.

Task 1

Annotated Bibliography 20%

1. In this task, you need to write an Annotated Bibliography for your Capstone Topic with a collection of 12 articles succeeding a set structure. The Annotated Bibliography is a critical examination of the most applicable, latest and academic research on the topic area that is not just a summary of the articles you have read and done in Topics 1 to 5.
2. Use the latest online search tools and efficient bibliographic organizers use of EndNote. EndNote is a bibliographic citation program which allows footnotes and references to be translated into various standard formats.
3. For Group Work OPTION teams only: Assessment Item 3 Annotated Bibliography is done INDIVIDUALLY by ALL students.
4. Analyze the developing technology (use internet for conference papers, journals, magazines, online databases, news articles, eBooks) and submit a 12-article Annotated Bibliography on your topic

TASK 2 Originality Report and Questions 5%

1. Make an original report and submit this report via Turnitin
2. Turnitin at ( for checking originality of content is assessment tasks as described in the Subject Outline and in the Assessment Task where it is required
3. For this subject, if you or your organization use another similar tool then that is fine to use, but let me approve it first.
4. Answer the following questions to interpret the originality report. The questions can be found through the following link:
5. Submit your question answers via Turnitin.

Assessment 4

This Interact2 Test Centre Quiz will be thirty (30) questions based on what you know about research methods, instruments, techniques, innovation, research behavior, ethical processes,  and management.

1. Read all the notes and resources from the Interact2 site sidebar menu:

a. Topic 1: How to find trends in Emerging Technologies and Innovation,
b. Topic 3: Research Skills
c. Topic 4: Extracting information, Research Methods, and Ethical Behavior

2. Answer all the 30 quiz questions (0.5 marks each) that will be grounded in these readings and other work you have done on these topics
3. The QUIZ will be open and ready to do any time in the 2 weeks (14 days) before the due date and will mark automatically when submitted.

Assessment task 5

1. Project Closure: Final Blog Entry and Evaluation of the Value of the Project Documentation (10%)

a. This assessment is aimed to create a debate that will be sustained by and contain your literature review with references from Assessment 2
b. Make sure that the Project Blog by you is your own work and fulfills the University's requirements.

2. Present a Capstone Project Seminar (30%)

a. The time has been intentionally limited to ten minutes to force you into choosing the most suitable division of information to present for this situation and you will be seriously punished if you take more than fifteen minutes.
b. This seminar should be going along with suitable audio-visual tools.

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