ITC548 Information System Analysis Proof Reading Services

ITC548 Information System Analysis Assignment

ITC548 Information System Analysis Proof Reading Services

This unit helps students to inspect system analysis and design techniques from an organization perception. It contains skills and understanding in logical design, feasibility analysis & development of organization systems. The subject-oriented approach using the unified modeling language is used as a method for designing and building related system.

The students will develop full information and experience of many advance system analysis techniques & business modeling features that lead up system design and implementation.

Learning outcomes

After completing this assessment, you should be able to:

1. define the framework of an information system

2. compare the approaches of systems analysis and appraise their suitability for diverse & multifaceted conditions

3. differentiate  requirement collecting techniques and associate this suitability to apply to a real scenario

4. appraise development requirements and make a feasibility proposal based on multi-disciplinary analyses

5. explain system requirement models based on an evaluation of given situations;

6. Accumulate the parts of a requirements model with the use of the tools and techniques of object-oriented or organized systems modeling.

This assessment has 3 tasks which are:

Task 1

Understanding the Problem

The value of this assessment task is 10%.

To complete this task, you will be provided a case study regarding health industry in which you are assumed to a system analyst. You will find an actual case study in your assignments. We provide this case study for reference purpose only.

You are to define the problem and the capabilities and benefits in your own words. You need to create a Project Vision Document which contains:

1. Capabilities
2. Benefits
3. Problem

Task 2

Requirements Gathering

The value of this assessment task is 30%.

Create one questionnaire that you would send to one stakeholder group with an aim to help you identify further details about the environment, the problem area and/or how the system would operate to help solve the problem

1. Identify which stakeholder you are going to send the questionnaire to

2. Write an introduction statement that would go with the questionnaire explaining the purpose of the questionnaire

3. Write 10 questions, either open and/or closed-ended questions

4. This should be written as a questionnaire that could be distributed

5. Only write the questions, you should not write the answers

Use Case diagram and descriptions

1. Draw a use case model for the information system

2. Write brief Use Case description for each Use Case in the diagram

3. Write

4. fully developed Use Case description for one of the important Use Cases

5. Identified. Select an important Use Case that is a key part of the system, not a basic simple Use Case.

Task 3

Requirements Report

The value of this assessment task is 30%.

You have to complete the Following

You need to refer the marking guide when making your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to evaluate your work & your progress.

Non-Functional Requirements

1. This sets out the critical system qualities, system interfaces, user interface requirements, and system constraints

2. Use to ‘FURPS+’ acronym as a reference, and ensure you to cover the non-functional aspects of the acronym, usability, reliability, performance, and security.

Review of cloud-based

You have to review of strengths and weaknesses of cloud-based solutions. Taking into consideration the environment which the solution would be deployed

SDLC Approach

Write a brief description of the Pros and Cons to approaching the project using the ‘Predictive’ SDLC, then the Pros and Cons to approach the project as ‘Adaptive’ SDLC. Then recommend either Predictive or Adaptive to the SDLC for the project and briefly describe why.

Challenges face by students

In completing this assessment, students faced many difficulties like lack of writing skills, making references, making report etc. Such students can take help and guidance from our academic experts. Our experts will help you in the best way to your System Analysis PG assignment.