ITC542 Internetworking with TCP IP Paper Editing Services

ITC542 Internetworking with TCP IP Assignment Help

ITC542 Internetworking with TCP IP Paper Editing Services

Assignment 1

Discussion Posts

The value of this assessment is 10%. In this assessment, you needed to make 2 discussion board posts on a topic. In these discussion board posts you are needed to:

1. Express your professional viewpoint on the topic

2. Explain your viewpoint with valid and credible evidence

A discussion thread will be created for every topic. This thread will contain material provided by your lecture. You are to reply to this in a written post.

Assessment 2

Research Report

The value of this assessment is 15%.

Task 1 

Write a report of 1000 words (+/- 10%) describing:

a. The complete design of a simple addressing solution step by step workout of the calculations and diagrams that leave room for development is easy to administer and has the minimum wastage of available IP address space.

b. Clarify what occurs to your design if the number of hosts per network jumps to more than 1,024 per building.

Task 2

Now the policy of the company does not permit the use of network analyzers on the organizational network. You have attended a meeting where all the team members are of the view that the use of network analyzers can take along more proficiency in troubleshooting procedures.

You have to write a report 800 words for the executive recommending allowing the use of network analyzers for analytic resolutions in new proposed network architecture. The report should contain:

a. A brief description of protocol in the context of communication networks and the network analyzers’ role. The description should contain an example of a situation where network analyzers can be used in the context of Task 1.

b. A study of presently available network analyzer tools. The study should cover:

i.Associated costs, Benefits, ease of usability

ii. Recommendation from you, as to what tool would you prefer to use and why.

Assignment item 3

Network Research Design

The value of this assessment is 25%.

This is a practical task and it will improve and check your practical skills and knowledge relevant to the subject topic. You are needed to arrange simple network using minimum 3 PCs and minimum two routers or use simulation software to arrange the similar network.

Task 1 - Setting up a Network

You are prerequisite to arrange a network comprising of PCs, servers, and routers. You need to arrange to route between routers. The routers will have numerous network interfaces. The PC client will be linked to one of the router's interfaces and other PCs server will be linked to the2nd router's interface.

Client <--> Router <--> Router <--> Server(s)

Setup separate server for each application/service. Every side of the router will be in its own LAN (or WAN) section and it should have a not the same network address, use ONLY private IP address ranges to design this network.

Perform the following activities and support your workings with screenshots [10 marks]:

1. Configure the PC, Server and Router interfaces with appropriate network addressing;

2. Configure routing (IP packet forwarding) on the routers;

3. On the client ping the client's own network interface, then the local router gateway interface, then the remote router interface, then the server;

4. Use the traceroute command from the client to the server. Include results of the traceroute in your submission.

ITC 542 Internetworking with TCP IP

Task 2 - Configuring Network Services

Using the same network topology that you have setup in Task 1, perform the following additional activities [15 marks]:

1. DHCP: Configure DHCP on the server and show that the client PC has successfully received an IP Address and other network parameters (default router, netmask, DNS) using DHCP;

2. WEB Server: Configure a WEB server on the dedicated machine, with URL as www.YOUR

3. DNS: Configure a DNS Server on the server device and demonstrate that forward and reverse DNS are working from the client PC; test DNS Server by browsing www.YOUR from client PC, DNS must resolve this URL to IP address of WEB Server

4. Firewall: Configure traffic filtering on the router to block TCP traffic only between one of the client PC and WEB Servers, and provide evidence of such traffic filtering.

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of programming skills, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our subject experts and excel their grades.

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