ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management Paper Editing Services

ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management Assignment Help

ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management Paper Editing Services

Overview of Subject

This subject will discuss a reporting, presentation and research approach with the use of the latest ICT tools to evaluate and analytically assess an amalgamation of the management and technical problems in present-day infrastructure management, centered on business alignment. IT infrastructure management studies new ICTs and case studies in the context of enterprise architecture. It is appropriate for amalgamations of students in information technology, electronic commerce, and business administration.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this assignment, you should be able to:

a. Explain the value and procedures of the business of ICT services in an organization and implement that knowledge and skill with an initiative in a workplace scenario.
b. To explore, analytically assess the effect of new and existing ICT services to an organization.
c. Explain how operative IT Infrastructure Management that has need of strategic planning with alignment from both the IT and business perceptions in an organization.
d. Show the communication and technical skills that contribute to the operation of ICT services in an organization.
e. Replicate analytically of an enterprise architect’s role in an organization.
f. Synthesis the theoretical, management and technical issues that deliver ICT services to an organization.

Pass Requirements

A student must achieve minimum 50% in both the examination and the total to pass this subject.

Assessment Pattern





Task 1: Introduction



Task 2: Data Governance and Data Management



Task 3: Case Study and IT Research


Assessment Task 1

Word limit:500 words for this assessment task.


Provide necessary information and discourse the following matters:

1. An introduction of yourself (your work, hobby, interests ...).
2. Why is IT important to your career? What do you want to get by studying this subject? What is your plan when you finish your study?
3. What are the main functions of data centers, how do they operate? Give three examples.
4. Why has data quality become more important?
5. What are the problems associated with cloud computing?

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Assessment Task 2

Word limit:about 1100 words for this assessment task.


Question 1 (4 marks)

Define and explain the concept of the following terminologies:

a. Electronic Records Management;
b. Business intelligence (BI) and Analytics;
c. Data and text mining;
d. Big data analytics and data discovery;
e. Enterprise architecture;
f. Management information systems;
g. Data lifecycle and data principles;
f. Cloud computing.

Question 2 (2 marks)

How does "data and text mining" create business value?

Question 3 (2 marks)

What are the problems associated with cloud computing? Give two examples and provide some solutions. Explain your answers.

Question 4 (5 marks)

Study "Data Quality Determines Systems Success and Failure" in your textbook [Chapter 2, IT at Work 2.1] and answer the following questions:

a. Why was an EIS designed and implemented?
b. What problems did executives have with the EIS?
c. What were the two reasons for those EIS problems?
d. How did the CIO improve the EIS?
e. What are the benefits of the new IT architecture?
f. What are the benefits of data governance?

Question 5 (5 marks)

Study "Opening Case 3.1: Coca-Cola Manages at the Point That Makes a Difference" in your textbook [Chapter 3] and answers the following questions:

a. Why is it important for Coca-Cola to be able to process POS data in near real time??
b. How does Coca-Cola attempt to create favorable customer experiences?
c. What is the importance of having a trusted view of the data?
d. What is the Black Book model?
e. Explain the strategic benefit of the Black Book model.

Note:We mention the company name only for reference purpose. You will find the actual scenario in your assignments.

Assessment Task 3

Length:Task A- 4 pages (2 column format), Task B: one pg.

Task A (10 marks)s:

Study "Case DATA ANALYSIS: AstraZeneca Terminates $1.4B Outsourcing Contract with IBM" in your textbook [Chapter 12] and answer the following questions:

a. What mistakes did AstraZeneca make?
b. What mistakes did IBM make?
c. Why are outsourcing contracts for five or more years?
d. Why do you think two major corporations could make such mistakes?
e. Do you think the 2007 SLA was doomed to fail? Explain your answer.
f. What provisions in the 2012 SLAs protect AstraZeneca and the vendors?
g. Why would parties prefer to use an arbitrator instead of filing a lawsuit in court?

Task B (17 Marks):

Write a paper, 4 pages (2-column format) in length, on a topic covered in our textbook. For this

 , you need to plan, research, and, use your initiative to express the knowledge you learned in this subject as well as your own independent thinking and reasoning.

Possible topics

Your attention in this paper can be focused on any of the following topics covered in our text:

a. Information Management / IT Architecture.
b. Enterprise Systems and Applications.
c. Networks, Collaboration, and Sustainability.
d. CyberSecurity, Compliance, and Business Continuity.
e. The database, Data, Warehouse, and Data Mining.
f. E-Business & E-Commerce Models and Strategies.
g. Social Media.
h.Performance Management Using Data Visualization, Mashups, and Mobile Intelligence.


Select a subject matter which you are fascinated in or which is interconnected to your work. You need to do this as soon as possible. When you have picked a topic, read the text carefully by in-depth research, once it did, you should set up a series of subtopics and decide what to write under each section.

Type of Papers

Academic papers can be broadly categorized into 2 types:

1. Argumentative Papers
2. Analytical Papers

Task C (5 marks)

1. Generate a Turnitin originality report and submit this report via TURNITIN;

2. Submit an early draft to Turnitin for self-checking, then look carefully at all the matches marked in bold font and various colors in the self-check/originality report.

3. Answer the following questions to interpret the Turnitin originality report

a. Are any of the bold, colored text matches in my self-check report missing in-text references? (We need to avoid plagiarism of ideas.)
b. Do any of the bold, colored text matches in my self-check report include more than three words in a row copied from the original source without quotation marks? (We need to avoid plagiarism of language.)
c. Do direct quotations take up more than 10% of the essay? (We need to change some of the direct quotations to summaries and paraphrases so that at least 90% of every essay is written in our own words.)
d. Are any of the bold, colored text matches in my originality report purely coincidental? (Sometimes our words coincidentally match with words in other online sources that we have never seen before and that are completely irrelevant to our research topic. If so, we do not need to change anything at all.)
e. Do any of the short strings of matching text indicate that my attempts at paraphrasing were not completely successful?
f. Have I synthesized all of the sources’ ideas into my essay by introducing each piece of source information with a signal phrase and by adding my own comments or interpretation to it in the following sentence?

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