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ITC514 Network and Security Administration Editing Services

Assessment item 2

This assessment is based on the Quiz With a topic of DNS Server. It is a type ofcomputer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases, serves to resolve, or translate, those common names to IP addresses as requested. DNS servers run special software and communicate with each other using special protocols.

Assessment 2 is comprised of DNS Practical and Questions. It has 20% value that considers Submission method options and Alternative Submission method. The length of the assignment should be of 15-20 pages including screenshots.


This assessment is designed to target your progress towards meeting subject learning and key outcomes, develop learning of principles that covers 1-6 topics of the, understanding towards the network service technologies, ability to apply different techniques of problem-solving, find credible sources of information by applying them, ability to write clear and concise content and the ability to reference information sources correctly

For this assessment, you are required to use APA referencing.

Task 1

It is divided into two parts that includes:

Part 1 - Online Quiz

You will have 1 hour to complete the multiple-choice question quiz of 30 questions [5 Marks].

Part 2 - Practical

1) There is great need for you to test and configure DNS Server. You can configure this server with both reverse and forward lookup. It is must to configure a domain name zone of <your_surname>, and a reverse name mapping zone of Configure A and PTR records for itc514 -, its513 - and win - Configure a CNAME of www for itc513, and a CNAME of online for itc514. By making use of external client running DNS queries, you have to test the operation of your DNS Server. [10 marks]

2) Create a user as your name and in your home directory to create the files with the following permissions. [5 marks].

a. A file is running on your machine that has detailed listing of all processes known as secret.txt". For owner, the file should have read and write permissions, but for group and other, there is no execute permissions.

computer serverb. For removing other write and execute permissions from all the files located in the directory, a file known as "script" runs a script. While running the script, the location of the directory should be given as a command line option or it will add as a default to the directory from which the script was researched. There is no need for the script to have the permissions for other, read and write permission for group and write and execute permissions for owner.

c. There is hidden file that is owned by root with different contents. It is known as ".test_config".

Note- This is the part of third point of assessment 2 - Part II of ITC514 2017-90, as it has root read, write and execute permissions without setting other permissions.

d. A directory called “test_dir” has the full permission to the owner for creating, renaming and deleting files from the directory, list files and enters the directory. Under this, you can have the Group and other permissions to only list files and enter the directory and can access the files within it.

Also, you need to submit a learning diary for this activity in which you should include:

1. Your DNS configuration that includes the configuration files of the underlying DNS server.

2. From the client device, submit the screenshots that could demonstrate different operations of DNS Server.

3. What you did, what problems you encountered, how you solved them and how much time you spent on each part of the exercise.

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