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ITC508 Object Modelling Assignment Help

ITC508 Object Modelling Proofreading and Editing Service

In this assessment, students need to develop skills and knowledge in the use of object-oriented analysis and design techniques and in the development of several objects concerned with artifacts. The system development life cycle, modeling, and design, object-oriented analysis and creation of diagrams are covered using Unified Modeling Language notation.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this assessment, you should be able to:

1.Explain and apply the concepts of object orientation methodology;

2.Analyse a case study and create a business proposal to argue the feasibility of a client software proposal;

3. Make analysis and design diagrams with UML notation;

4.Define the relationship of examining and plan activities to the System Development Life Cycle

5. Compare the semantics, syntax, and pragmatics of UML to define the best diagrams for the problem domain

6.  Model several aspects of systems to make quality diagrams for use in a system development project;

7. Confirm and validate a system design

Task 1

Inception Phase

The value of this task is 18%.

You have to examine the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. You are needed to submit a complete report which contains a system vision document, stakeholder map, resources required and the broad feasibility of the project.

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Task 2

Elaboration phase

The value of this assessment is 35% and word limit is 1800 to 2000.

In this assessment item, you need to provide the detailed architecture and design of the system presented in assessment item 1.

1. Identify and briefly describe the main functional and non-functional requirements for the major systems areas of the case study

2. Draw a use case model for the information system. Write brief Use Case description for each Use Case in the diagram. Write one fully developed Use Case description for one of the important Use Cases identified. Select an important Use Case that is key part of the system, not a basic simple Use Case

3. Draw a UML domain model class diagram for all systems in your chosen case study. Be as specific and accurate as possible, given the information provided. If needed information is not given, make realistic assumptions

4. For each of the five design activity of SDLC, list and briefly describe some specific tasks required for each design activities (i.e., describing the environment, designing application components, user interfaces, the database, and software methods.

Task 3

Validation Phase

The value of this assessment is 17% and word limit is 1800- 2000.

In this assessment, you are requiring the following 2 choices to develop detailed object-oriented design models. You also require submitting a proper documentation defining the different aspect of the developed component, in 2000 words.

Task 1: The students who have expertise in object-oriented programming are needed to authorize their system design through developing a prototype for at least one subsystem of the chosen case study. You have an option to use an object-oriented programming language such as C++, Java, C#, etc. to develop this subsystem


 Task 2: The students who have no expertise in object-oriented programming are required to validate their system design using interaction diagrams (i.e., communication diagrams or sequence diagrams) for at least one subsystem of the chosen case study. To do this, identify 3 (three) most important use cases for the subsystem and develop communication diagrams or sequence diagrams for these use cases.

Various challenges students may face while completing this assessment:

Students may face several problems while attempting this assessment such as making a report, design diagrams, appropriate references, etc. by taking help and guidance in their assessments from our experienced and professional experts, students can achieve best grades and excel their academic career.

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