ITC505 ICT Project Management Proof Reading and Paper Editing Services

ITC505 ICT Project Management Assignment Help

ITC505 ICT Project Management Proof Reading and Paper Editing Services

This assessment gives students an opportunity to analytically assess the project lifestyle and to improve the knowledge and skills required to put on recognized project management values and techniques. Students need to observe the risk reasons in handling a project, comprising those that related to the possibility, cost and time and communication.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this assessment, you should be able to:

1. Recognize, analytically analyze the important components of IT project management structure, common tools, and techniques, containing communication management, project stakeholders, and project success factors and the project management knowledge areas.

2. Research and analytically appraise how a practicing IT project manager put on techniques of IT project management, software tools, and project management skills techniques in IT industry.

3. Analytically evaluate IT project management’s role inside a professional place of work, from the point of view the leader of the team

4. Put on well-known IT project management abilities, values and methods to a case study.

5. Understand the suitable communication practice within a project management framework.

Task 1

Project Management Methodologies

The value of this assessment task is 5%.

1.Describe what a project methodology is providing a few descriptions from numerous authors and their role in project management.

2. Select 1 methodology from the provided list to compare with methodology defined by PMBOK -Project Management Body of Knowledge, studying the connections and changes between them both.

List of project methodologies and procedures:

Agile XP

3. In the end, classify how your selected methodology and procedures associated with the project life cycle (PLC):

Task 2

Teamwork and reflection

Part 1

Project Name / Team / Description

Working as a team you need to:

1.  Select an appropriate team name, list all members of the team & provide their contact details in a professional viewing document.

2. Give an outline of your working project.

3. Complete a project explanation. This should be written obviously and briefly for the purpose of anybody unaware of the project can completely comprehend the purposes.

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Team Charter

After your team decided a team name and recognized all the contact details of your team members, state the below-mentioned facts and present them in a professional viewing document:

1. Skills and Knowledge Inventory –you need to list the particular skills and knowledge in which each team member can add to the project. This could be leadership, communication skills or technical knowledge.

2. Roles and Responsibilities –Describe roles and responsibilities for all the team members. This can be certain for the entire project or can be shared or even replaced.

3. Team Communications

Meeting Times & Location – Agree on an equally suitable time and location to organize to work on the case assignments.

Describe how the team will interconnect with one another and share information. Also, insist on how these meetings will be acknowledged and where following resources will be stored for ease of access.

4. Team Rules & Expectations

Deliberate your prior experiences of functioning in teams whether positive or negative. What is the inclusive goal of the team?

Team Values –Talk over as a team what values are significant. Make a statement or itemized list that summarizes these values.

Code of Ethics – generate a statement that summarizes a code of ethics to lead your team’s ethical behavior, centered on your team values.

Rules and Expectations –Form a set of rules and expectation that all team members shall follow. Consider team decisions, absence from meetings, conflict, and an individual’s dearth of involvement for example.

Part 2: Learning Cycles

Learning cycles provide framework to your team meetings and responsibility for when you and your team work outside of the scheduled meeting

First of all, prior to your next meeting, allocate roles to each team member. There should only be 2 chief roles – the organizer and the scribe:

Organizer – organizes the meeting by writing down the team’s thoughts and then hand out them to the team for feedback.

Scribe –documents the thoughts and action point going forward.

Part 3 Communication Plan

Brainstorm and recognize all stakeholders to the project as a team. Then develop an appropriate communication plan using the format below independently:

Stakeholder Name

Information to be Shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of Information Exchange

Purpose of communication

Mechanism for communication Hardcopy, pdf, Word, ppt, email etc.

























Part 4


You need to write a brief reflection of about 300 words of work experience of your team in this assessment. To conduct your brief reflection you should discourse the subsequent questions:

1. How did your experience compare to your understanding of the leadership qualities required to successfully lead a project?

2. Based on your experience, what are necessary techniques, skills, methods, and ICT project manager requires in the IT profession?

Task 3


The value of this assessment is 30%.

You need to make a charter for the Project comprising: Contain the description of the Project and summary you developed as part of Assessment 2.

Part 1

MOV - Measurable Organizational Value

1. Identify the desired area of impact - Rank the following areas in terms of importance: Strategy / Customer / Financial / Operational / Social

2. With reference to your project, identify one or two of the following types of value:

Better -is improving quality important to your client?

Faster - does your client want to increase efficiency?

Cheaper -is cutting costs important?

Do more -does your client want to continue its growth?

2. Develop an appropriate metric -this sets the target and expectation of all the stakeholders. It is important to determine a quantitative target that needs to be expressed as a metric in terms of an increase or decrease of money.

 Determine the timeframe for achieving the MOV - ask yourselves, when do we want to achieve this target metric?

Part 2

Describe Opportunity and create a Scope Management Plan. Outline the opportunity of the project and detail how the scope will be accomplished. Deliver a list of Resources Classify and detail the resources for the project with the use of MS Project where suitable, counting:

1. People, plus any additional personnel that is necessary for the project.

2. Facilities -where will most of the teamwork be located?

3. Technology –network, any hardware, and software requires supporting the team and your client.  

4. Other -for example, travel, training etc.

Part 3

Create a schedule using a high-level Work Breakdown Structure using MS Project. It should comprise:

Milestones for every phase and deliverable

This will tell each person related to the project that the phase or deliverable was finished satisfactorily.

Activities / Tasks

Outline a set of tasks that must be accomplished to produce each deliverable.

Resource Assignments

Estimates for Each Activity / Task

Allocate people and resources to each individual activity.

You need to prepare a time estimate for every activity or task to be completed.


Make a time-phased budget by applying bottom-up estimating. Make sure to comprise direct costs listed in Part 2 and add 20% for fringe. Outline all assumptions you have used when making your budget. State how assured you are in your estimations and what would make you more assured.

Part 4

Project Risk Analysis and Plan

1. Document any assumptions you have made about the project

2. You need to use the risk documentation Structure as a basis, recognize five risks to the project – one for each of the five phases of the methodology.

3. Evaluate these risks, allocate a risk to a suitable member, and define a plan for the management of every particular risk.

Part 5

Quality Management Plan. It should contain:

1. A short statement that replicates your team’s philosophy or objective for ensuring that you deliver a quality system to your client.

2.  Generate and define the below mentioned that your project team could apply to ensure quality;

A set of validation activities

A set of verification activities

 Part 6

a. To prepare for this task, you will be required to provide an annotated bibliography.

b. Make a closure checklist that the project team will use to make sure that the project has been closed properly.

c. Make a project evaluation –outline and deliberate how your project’s MOV will be assessed.

Various challenges students may face while completing this assessment:

Students may face several problems while attempting this assessment such as making a report, design diagrams, appropriate references, etc. by taking help and guidance in their assessments from our experienced and professional experts, students can achieve best grades and excel their academic career.

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