ISY3004 E-Business Application Proofreading and Editing Services

ISY3004 E-Business Application Assignment Help

ISY3004 E-Business Application Proofreading and Editing Services

This assessment explains about different business activities in relation with application of information and communication technologies.

Assessment 1

Objectives –Through this assignment, students can apply the concepts of process modeling and e-procurement to model and re-engineer supply chain processes.

Task 1

This assignment has 30% value

1. An actual hospital procurement process will be given to students. This is to be modeled as the ‘As Is’ Process using IBM Blue Works Lives. (Sign up for the 1 month free trial of the full version of this SaaS application).

2. Students have to provide their report based on BlueWorksLive ‘As Is’ Model analysis which includes:

a. Comments

b.  Problems

3. An automated and improved ‘To Be’ process should be proposed based on the objectives of e-procurement. The ‘To Be’ process should be presented as a new BlueWorksLive Process.

Note -Do not copy the As Is Process and make a few incremental changes. Start afresh and submit a simplified redesigned process.

Students have to provide their analysis which should be particularly based on how you have addressed the following problems:

a. Backorder problem- The supplier has no stock and the hospital does not find out for a week until the start of the next ordering cycle.

b. Three-way match problem- The invoice, GRN (Goods Received Note) and Invoice need to be matched by Accounts Payable to pay the supplier. These 3 documents often do not match resulting in a short or delayed payment to the supplier.

Note- This assignment report must be in a pdf format and 5 to 10 pages long including diagrams.

e-business applicationAssessment description

This exercise enhances the ability of students by applying their theoretical learning to practical and real world situations. Students must use Saas process modelling applications and IBM Blue work live to create a real life process. Also, they should apply different concepts of e-procurement to re-create the process for the reduction of cost and time of the whole process.

BPMN Process Modelling

BPMN Process ModellingChallenges students might face

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