INF80028 Business Process Management Modelling Editing Services

INF80028 Business Process Management Modelling Assignment

INF80028 Business Process Management Modelling Editing Services

This unit discusses the key concepts of business process management and modeling that is very important for an organization and how these support business activities.

Assignment 2

Part 2(Analyzing and Designing To-Be Business Process for equipment, materials and service acquisition process at somewhere)

Value:this assignment part has the value of 15% in total and total 100 marks are allocated for this assignment part.

You can complete this assignment part individually or within a group.

Assessment 2 Requirements

To complete this part, you need to carefully read the provided case study for Assignment 1, 2 & 3.

You should read the following instructions and guidelines before starting the assignment. 


The equipment, materials and service acquisition processes at Somewhere Business Process were explained in assessment 1 and assessment 2 part 1.

This assessment needs you to continue working the similar business case. As given in the case description, the current procedure does not work proficiently. The company made its first step which takes on some best practices to fix some problems with your help. They also take on learning methodology to diminish the waste. To improve the procedure in a way that addresses the problems for a long-term and lessens manual tasks as much as possible. The management of the company is considering improving the procedure by using technology and BPMS.


Your work includes two parts:

Part 1 (Logical Automated Business Processing)

In the report part, you are required to discuss:

a. The advantages, disadvantages, risks, and opportunities for automation in general.
b. If automation is one of the solutions for the present business procedure issues/problems, why and why not.
c. How important it is to consider automation in the long-term business process development practices.  
d. How automation can firmness the case current process concerns and problems.
e. The automationimplementation plan.

In the modeling part, you should transform one of the existing BPMN level 2 model(s) into a logical automated model that shows how the procedure can be automated by a process engine (BPMS). It should clearly show how each contestant communicates with the process engine and what data is transmitted. You only require considering the ‘happy’ path when everything goes smoothly or sub-process.

Advice for logical Automated Design

a. The automated design model must include accurately one Executable pool. In the executing pool, there can be no user or manual tasks. There may be service tasks. The executable pool must include a complete BPMN process. It will require BPMN level 2 elements.
b. The automated logical design model will, in general, have a number of non-executable pools, one of each internal participant. Non-executable pools may contain just process fragments. They need only level 1, there should be no events. Normally, there should be no gateways.
c. The logical automated design model will have white-box pools, one for each external contestant. An outside contestant many interact with either an internal participant in a non-executable pool or directly with the process engine in the executable pool.

Part 2 (Executable Automation Design by using Bizagi Studio or UIPath Community edition)

Automation of the key BPMS pool with optional extension into one or more sub-processes. This need to be implemented by using an Automation tool, for example, Bizagi Studio, UIPath community edition or Signavio Workflow Accelerator but it needs strong technical skills.

Advice for executable Automated Design

a. The automated design should address the whole of the key processing pool and may be extended to address one or more of the sub-processes. It should be possible to complete the end to end process by traversing from the start event to any of the events.  
b. Manual or user tasks may be contained in the solution yet these should be automated wherever this is feasible. The design may also include services tasks that are automated by web services or toolset integrations.
c. The automated of minimum one BPMN Level2 element like an intermediate event.
d. As much as possible of the underlying business data required to help the procedure should be captured via data forms in the automation solution. The design should also contain the capability to review the historical data related to each completed process instance.
e. Business rules need to be incorporated into the automated design to confirm that activities, gateways and process flows are all executed correctly. This may contain performing checks, validating data, updating business data and making calculations.

A minimum of 100 unique process executions should be taking on to confirm the automated design. The record of these process examples and the related business data must be submitted with the project work.??

Important instructions

A word-processed report of about 500 words which includes:

a. Executive Summary
b. Table of Contents
c. Introduction
d. Main Body
e. Conclusion
f. References (Harvard System)

Note:these will not be included in the word count.

Marking Scheme

a. Report Format (10 Marks)
b. Report Content (60 Marks)
c. Business Process Modelling (30 Marks)

Challenges in completing this assignment those students might face

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