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INF60010 Requirement Analysis and Modelling Assignment Help

INF60010 Requirement Analysis and Modelling Editing Services

Assignment 1

Current System Analysis and Modeling

The objective of this assignment is to produce a requirements document that captures the functional needs of an information system that supports the present requirements of the organization's management systems.

This assessment has 2 parts

To complete this assessment, you will be given a case study based on that you need to complete the following task.

Part 1

The report components

You need to create a word-processed business report with:

Cover page

1. Document Title
2. Author information
3. List of contents
4.  What this assignment is about and what you want to achieve

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1. The purpose of your work
2. Why conduct system analysis and plan for a business
3.The structure of your report
4. Where did you gather data and information for finishing the report?

Company Background

1. What is the business and what is the business and what does this business do?

2. What is the business problem you reflect essential to address? You should list them and then pick up two which you reflect are the most significant for the business and clarify why they are important. What are some of the opportunities when these problems are solved? How would the organization be better off by solving this problem or taking up this opportunity?

3. Clearly explain the current system’s objectives and constraints.

Scope (current system)

1. Written statement of functional/non-functional requirements

2. give a brief explanation of ‘where’ and ‘how’ you would gather information for defining these needs. Such as interview guardians.


1. Data dictionary

a. you have to complete 2 key data flow descriptions
b. data element description

2. Process descriptions

a. Write as a minimum ONE lower level process description in structured English
b. A brief description of each of the key processes written in plain English language


1. This contains any other documents that might be valuable for reference or too detailed or lengthy to put into the main part of the document.

2. DFD fragments, event list etc.

Task Part B

Modeling for the current system        

Provide an organized analysis of the functional needs of the system presented as a set of logical data flow diagrams and make a data model represented as an entity-relationship diagram for the current system.

The set of data flow diagrams should include:

1.  Recognize key events and complete an event table and DFD Fragments

2. Context Diagram: You need to demonstrate related external agents together with data flows among the system and the external agents.

3. A set of leveled data flow diagrams                

You will be assessed on your application of data flow diagram according to the following criteria:

DFD syntax

DFD data conservation (also commonly known as “balancing” or data consistency in Some textbooks)

Quality of names

Logical, not physical

Quality of modeling is more important than quantity

Consistency - not only should each view (data flow, process, data store) be accurate and readable, but also the views must be consistent with each other, so the whole analysis makes sense.

Challenges that students may face in completing this assignment

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