IMAT5209 Human Factor in System Design Editing Services

IMAT5209 Human Factor ind System Design Assignments

IMAT5209 Human Factor in System Design Editing Services

Introduction of subject

Value: 100% of the total marks

Introduction of assignment:

The design of the assignment is in the way that will provide you practical experience which will help you to carry out analysis of the usability of needs and priorities, perform a well ordered usability evolution by the use of standard method, and creating a presentation financial reportingthe findings.


Your interaction design consultant firm is trying to make up a portfolio of appreciative work, to access it to pitch for business in future easily.

Your task is to create a usability evaluation of a communicative system, and your results presentation. You are completely free for your choices for what interactive system you assess, except that is it should not be the one that you have assess for your last assignment.

You can take the help of people in the tasks that can be done easily and effectively  by more than one people, but you have to be very clear about what you are doing and what others are doing.

The Usability Evaluation

Producing the usability evaluation includes:-

1. Indentify the use case or aspects
2. Selecting evaluate methodology
3. Define evaluation steps
4. Carrying out the evaluation
5. Deriving finding about the usability

Your report should contain the following elements:

Part ONE: The interacting systems and its users. Briefly explain the statement of what is the interacting system and what it’s work – enough to create the remaining report comprehensible; add a description of the user populations and responsible for the assumptions made about the ability of the users.

Part TWO: The use cases. Consider the brief account of the use cases, add a statement of what you are ignoring, if you are only concentrating on the part of the system. You want procedural explanation of the right method for completing the use cases considered in the heuristic judgment or secret walkthrough, or requesting people to participate in the user trial.

Part THREE:The evaluation Methodology. Perfect explanation of the assessment method to be followed, adding what is methodology, exact explanation of users tasks being contemplated, in user testing you have to guide the users, or the set of protocols used in the heuristic assessment.

Part FOUR:The evaluation. The outcome of putting on the evaluation method: what you saw test subject doing, sizes of their performance, answer to question and so on.

Part FIVE:The finding of the evaluation. Your findings of the evaluation of the usability of the interactive system.

Your appendix should include the notes that you created while observations of the user trial and conducting a heuristic evaluation.

Challenges student might face   

Several students may face the challenges in the completion of IMAT5209 Human Factor Design assignment such as identifying the uses, defining the evaluation planning steps, carrying out the evaluation and deriving finding about the usability. With OZ Assignments, you get important academic guidance and tutorial help in IMAT5209 Human Factor Design assignment help. Get feedback without any additional cost for amendments.