ICTPRG405 Automate Processes Proof Reading and Editing Services

ICTPRG405 Automate processes Assignment

ICTPRG405 Automate Processes Proof Reading and Editing Services

This unit defines the performance outcomes, knowledge, and skills needed to write scripts to automate solutions by using basic scripting processes and applications specific scripting options.

Assessment methods:
1. Assessment one: short answer questions

2. Assessment two:  practical activity

About the assessment

Assessment is a procedure where the skills and knowledge that you have enlarged is collected and matched against information and communication technology training package competencies. It is essential that every person trained in information & communication technology is able to show competency and this tool will assist you to do so.

Completing the assessment tasks

You will discover particular advice at the beginning of each assessment which will guide you in how to complete the assessment task. Ensure you that take time to read this advice and to explain the needs of the tasks.


You have been asked by your client to design and create code to automate a process.

1. Create a ‘guess the number’ game using the following brief:

  • The system automatically generates a number for the player to ‘guess’
  • The players enter a number between 1 and 100.
  • The system checks the ‘guessed’ number against the automatically generated number.
  • Where the numbers match, the system generates a message saying ‘Congratulations! Your guess was correct.
  • Where the numbers match, the system generates a message saying ‘Oops, that guess was not correct. Please try again!’

Complete the following tasks:

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Part A

  • Describe the problem that you are going to address by accurately identifying the client’s need from the brief?
  • Develop an algorithm which describes the solution.
  • Describe how the algorithm is an exact and sufficient description of the solution.
  • Describe how the algorithm is guaranteed to end.
  • Describe the structures of your algorithm including structure, sequence, selection, and iteration.
  • Submit your algorithm and associated explanations to your assessor.

Part B

  • Create an abstract design to fulfill the requirements of the proposed process.
  • Review the design for omissions or errors.
  • Select an appropriate language and explain your rationale.
  • Translate the abstract design to the chosen language and document your process.
  • Create internal documentation.
  • Submit your designs and documentation to your assessor.

Part C

  • Verify and review the script/code for syntax and semantic errors, identify areas that are not covered or are covered incorrectly in the script/code and document your findings.
  • Create technical documentation.
  • Create user documentation.
  • Submit your script/code and documentation to your assessor.

Challenges may face by students

Students face off various problems in completing this assessment such as understanding the complex problems of describing the algorithm problems, lack of time etc. Students can take help and guidance of our technical experts and excel their academic records.

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