ICTNWK404 Install Operate Troubleshoot Small Enterprise Branch Network

ICTNWK404 Install Operate Troubleshoot Small Enterprise Branch Network

ICTNWK404 Install Operate Troubleshoot Small Enterprise Branch Network

This unit defines the performance outcomes, knowledge, and skills needed to use suitable use tools, software and protocols to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network.

Assessment 2

Project Report

Assessment is a process where the knowledge and skills that you have gained is collected and compared to Information and Communications Technology Training Package competencies.

Your local council is setting up a new community library, and you have been asked to design the network. The library would like to have four public access computers in the library public space.

Note: we mention this case study for reference purpose only. You find the actual case study in your assignments.


Based on the above case study scenario prepare an overview of the recommended network environment and the reason for your recommendation for the library in your Network design report. The report should be of approximately 750-1000 words. Ensure that you detail and include all the points mentioned in the task list below. You need to include the details of the operating system, network protocols, server roles, IP address, and network segments in the same report. You need to include the Network Component List & Network Map in the same report.  The report should summarise the solution appropriately in a professional manner. It should address the needs of target audience. Your report should be written clearly in English, use non-discriminatory language.

1. Prepare a network plan for the library. Your plan should address the following points:
2. A list of hardware the council will need.
3. A network diagram showing how the hardware will be connected (with labeled IP addresses if appropriate).
4. Details of any servers, server protocols, applications, environments that will be used.
5. Details of the IP address ranges, exclusions, subnets etc being used.
6. Details of the number of network segments and how these networks will be segmented.
7. Details of any security measures that you have put in place.

2. Prepare a Network design report describing the main features of your network design. Explain why the design is well suited to the Library’s needs.

Report template

1. Introduction (100-150 words)

2. A network components list (50-150 words)

3.Network design report (100-150 words)

Assessment 3 – Practical assessment task


In this assessment task, you will be required to implement a small routed network. You will then test the network and troubleshoot any problems if any. Complete the following tasks:

1. Select the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect routers to the network devices and hosts as specified in the network diagram provided by your assessor. Explain the purpose of each component in the network to your assessor together with the rationale for your selection.

2. Complete the basic router configuration tasks that include providing the hostname, IP configuration for the ports, DHCP pool as specified by your assessor and save your configuration.

Configure a classless routing protocol.

3. Test, verify and troubleshoot your classless routing protocol.

4. Select a basic utility like packet tracer and verify your device configuration and network connectivity using the utility that you selected. Explain the rationale for your selection to your assessor.

Implement password and physical security for your network.

Complete a critical analysis of the implementation, testing, and troubleshooting process. What went well? What would you do differently next time? Your critical analysis should be documented properly by using non-discriminatory language, written clearly in plain English and should be properly referenced.

Various challenges students may face while completing these assessments:

Students may face several problems while attempting this assessment such as understanding the complex process of troubleshooting, making the report, appropriate references, etc. by taking help and guidance in their assessments from our experienced and professional experts, students can achieve best grades and excel their academic career.