ICTNWK403 Manage Network and Data Integrity Paper Editing Services

ICTNWK403 Manage network and data integrity Assignment Help

ICTNWK403 Manage Network and Data Integrity Paper Editing Services

This unit defines the performance outcomes, knowledge, and skills needed to implement and manage security functions throughout a network.

Assessment 2 (project)

Assessment is a process where the skills and knowledge that you have gained is collected and compared to Information and Communications Technology Training Package competencies.

In this assessment, you will be provided a case study of Super Solar” sells and installs Solar Panels. The company is relatively young and is currently riding the wave of the renewable energy boom.

Note: we mention this case study of Super Solar”. for reference purpose only. You find the actual case study in your assignments.


Based on the case study provided above prepare a security report of approximately (750-1000 words) for Mr Carter with recommendations as to what steps he needs to take to improve his security. Your report should show knowledge of the needs of adequate ICT security. The report must summarise the solution suitably in a professional manner. It should address the requirements of the target audience. Your report should be written clearly in English, use non-discriminatory language and should avoid the use of jargon. Correctly reference the sources of information that you collect.

In your report include the following documentation:

1. A risk assessment matrix. A risk assessment template has been provided for your reference if needed. Your risk assessment matrix should comprise all the possible risk types and current protection strategy in the above case and action taken to prevent it in future. Also, contain a suitable risk factor for each risk type.

2. A sample user account creation form which includes all the necessary elements for the creation of a user account form.

3. A sample asset register which includes all the essential elements required in the asset register.

4. A software audit register

5. A commendation on antivirus precautions. In your security report, you are needed to explain your decision in relation to your software selection and process decision made.

6. A data backup plan. Provide an appropriate backup plan that is suitable for the above scenario and deliver additional information on an assumption made.

Report Template

1. Introduction (100-150 words)

2. A completed risk assessment matrix (200-250 words)

3. A sample user account creation form (100-150 words)

4. A sample asset register form (50-100 words)

5. A sample software audit

6. A recommendation on antivirus precautions (200-250 words)

7. A data backup plan (100-150 words)

Assessment 3

Practical assessment task

This task has 2 parts:

Part A

In this part of the assessment, you will conduct a number of practical activities on a live workstation. Your assessor will observe your ability to:

1. Use a suitable auditing tool conduct a complete audit of your allocated workstation and record the results.

2. Use a suitable antivirus tool conduct virus checks of your allocated workstation and record the results.

3. Use a suitable backup tool conduct a backup of your allocated workstation.

4. Use the same backup tool used in task 3 and demonstrate the process of restoring a deleted file.

5. Install and demonstrate the use of a real-time file syncing tool (such as Yadis).

6. Compare the differences between real-time file synching and traditional backup methods.

Part B

In this part of the assessment, you will need to prepare a report and submit it to your trainer via your student portal.

1. Write an analysis of traditional backup methods versus real-time file synching. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? In which situations would you use one method over the other?

2. Write a report summarising the results of your information gathering activities and make recommendations resulting from this practical activity relating to the strengthening of the network and data integrity on the machine that you analyzed (approximately 500 – 750 words).

Various challenges students may face while completing this assessment:

Students may face several problems while attempting this assessment such as understanding the complex process of data integrity, making a report, appropriate references, etc. by taking help and guidance in their assessments from our experienced and professional experts, students can achieve best grades and excel their academic career.

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