ICT80008 Professional Issues In IT Proof Reading Services

ICT80008 Professional Issues In IT Oz Assignment

ICT80008 Professional Issues In IT Proof Reading Services

Introduction of the subject

Students will be taught how to identify and understand the problems related personal and usage of ICT in an organization. Professional responsibility will be developed in students with the help of professional codes exploring ethics connected with professional crediting bodies. Exploring a range of social, ethical decision making, legal and business problems by students which is faced in the careers of the ICT professionals.  


If we want to develop and grow we are required to create the habit of connecting and building sense for our experiences. This is known as reflection. Coming back on our experiences motivates insight and learning. Meaning is created with the help of both memorizing content and its learning process.

Assignment Introduction

Assignment has two parts.

Student will be given an individual reflection on what they have understood through their participation in PIIT. This commentary will be judged on the basis of learning content, briefing paper, the group report, and the working experience gained being part of the team.

Part A

For the reflection of interpersonal issues you have to answer two questions compulsorily. Two questions are optional. No need to answer all questions. You will be judged on the basis of your level of critical analysis and these topics reflections.

Compulsory items – Answer both:

a) What was your goal/motivation in deciding to embark on the topic you choose for your project?

b) Has the unit made you re-evaluate the major/specialization you have chosen and the career path you had planned?

c) How did this research impact on your aspirations and plans because of what you have learnt through this unit?

B. a) Based on your experience of group work in this unit what kind of behavior might be important for an ICT professional working in a group or team with members from a wide variety of different backgrounds (e.g. diversity of skills, gender, age, religion and ethnicity)?

b) In what ways, did you contribute to a sound team performance?

c) What could you have done better to make sure your team worked better?

d) How could you have helped others in your team to perform better?

Other items – choose ANY TWO:

What are some of the key professional roles andWhat are your most memorable moments of PIIT, and why?responsibilities for a modern ICT professional? How might these affect you in your future work?

How did you judge your professionalism, legitimacy and competently in the field of ICT before you began this unit and how will you judge these qualities when you are project working in industry? (An acceptable answer is “I didn’t judge, hadn’t thought about it before”… but your maker will want you to describe further, e.g. why you didn’t think about the issues etc.)

What kind of changes do you feel have occurred to the way you perceive the work of ICT professional during this unit? In what ways have your ways of thinking changed n the course? What have you learnt in the course? How have you benefited?

How might having taken this unit improved your induction into the ICT professional?

Part B

For IT-related issues reflection you have to select ANY FOUR weekly learning topics and will be given an observation of each in terms of how they have impacted on you and the way you think make an ICT professional faced with certain issues.

Approximately 250 words should be reflected by each on one page. There are some same questions which we have already talked in Part A as above may apply and you have to importantly note if your point of view have changed or if there is any increase in knowledge then it is a result of learning topic.

Marking criteria:


Marks in %

The coverage and relevant reflection to the guidelines of the assignment.


The understanding level and discussion/self-evaluation evidenced in the reflective journal


Connection level to unit ULO’s and learning content.


Presentation and clarity of discussion


Challenges student might face:

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