ICT704 Non Relational Database Systems Proof Reading Services

ICT704 Non Relational Database Systems Assignments

ICT704 Non Relational Database Systems Proof Reading Services

Introduction of the subject

In modern day capturing computer network system, store and huge amount of data manipulation, which has the problem in storing the traditional relational database adequately?

The value of the course is 40% of the total assignment.

1. ICT704
2. Non-Relational Database Systems
3. Task 2
4. Make a MongoDB database taking the help of data given to you in the MovieDat_Task2.xls spreadsheet.
5. Insert data from given .xlsx file into MongoDB using the insert command.
6. Make indexes which you think will be useful and profitable
7. Make the following queries (all output should be displayed in a formatted wat):
8. List all collected movies
9. List the movies of Japan
10. Only list the directors name(s) for every movie
11. List the name of each director
12. Count the number of movies in the list
13. Only return the movies which won at least one Oscar
14. List the movies released before 1980
15. Return  the title and rating of average movies
16. Return the list of movies with no rating and comments
17. Update the title of movies 6 to “E.T.”
18. Plus new field called notes to the following movies:
19. 12 Terminator and Terminator 2 are rated together
20. 18 The trilogy consist of the three movies


ABC is a site which shows the top charts of movies and has emphasis on following engagement. They use Facebook and Twitter and latest updates are shared and news to their followers.

PART A – Database

PART B – Report

You are required to explain the structure of the database for the report you are formed. Justifying the indexes created by you is included in it. You are required to explain how the relationships were handled in the database. In your financial report, discuss potential ways to how relationships could have been modeled and applied in MongoDB and the profits/problems of each. Give movies recommendations for any additional functionality for the database.

Specific Instructions

For Part A you have to submit a single plain text file, named


Include all the commands of implementation in this file.

For Part B you have to submit a report in a word document or PDF.

Marking sheet for ICT704 Task 2


Maximum Marks

Part A: Database Implementation

  • Create a MongoDB database (5 marks)
  • Insert data into MongoDB using the insert command (5 marks)
  • Create indexes (5 marks)
  • Create the queries and other actions (50 marks total)


Part B: Report

  • Database description (10 marks)
  • Alternative modeling discussed (10 marks)
  • Justification of indexes chosen (10 marks)
  • Recommendations (5 marks)


Total =


Challenges student may face

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