ICT703 Network Technology and Management Editing Services

ICT703 Network Technology and Management Assignments

ICT703 Network Technology and Management Editing Services

Introduction of the subject:-

This course will provide you the knowledge needed to understand the protocols and standards used by you in networking and in which way we continuity of service management will be ensured.

Value of this course is 35% of the total assignment.


You are at the contract position at a small marketing and adverting firm call the XYZ. You are responsible for the contract which helps them to plan their emerging networking and requirements of communication and get their IT resources updated.

Part 1: Gather system Requirements.

XYZ has given a written summary having floor plans for their Brisbane and Sydney offices,  and notes written form the verbal interview with their management team. Collect as much information as you can with the help of these two sources which will help you to plan for technical solution for XYZ networking and communication requirements. 

Step 1: Review available information

XYZ information

Sydney Department Manager

Film Production Editor

Film Crew

Step 2: Interview with the Management

Step 3: Select the appropriate services and equipment

You have to complete activity from 1 – 6 in this step

Part 2: Plan the installation

After selecting the equipments and service plan required, the physical and logical installation is planned out. The location of equipment and devices is included in physical installation, along with how and when devices need to be installed. In the business field, it is important to decrease the division of the process of the normal work. You have to complete activity 7 and 8

Part 3: Prepare and Present the Proposal

All information collected and proposed technical solution  have to be gathered into a proper format that creates sense to the company who  want you to give solutions. The formal report usually keeps so many different sections. Such as:

Title page

Executive Summary

Tables of contents, figures and tables


Project proposal, comprising needs statement; goals and objective; methodology and time table; technical solutions and evaluation; budget summary; future plans

1. Recommended and conclusions
2. Bibliography and list of references
3. Appended information

This report is often presented to several groups for approval. During the presentation of your report it should be confident, professional, and energetic manner. The report should be accurate and free form errors like grammatical or spelling errors.

Challenges student might face

Several students may face challenges in the completion of ICT703 Network Technology and Management assignment such as gathering system requirements, budget planning the installation, and preparing and presenting the proposal. OZ Assignments, you get important academic guidance and tutorial help in ICT703 Network Technology and Management assignment help. Get feedback changes without any additional cost.